QQ website promotion method

is now a very strong competition to do QQ station, do a lot of people, including a lot of experts, I have summarized the following I do QQ station promotion. Here to introduce my website ( promotion methods. First of all, I use the dynamic easy to do. This program uses a lot of people, very powerful.

the first step: first regardless of the other, first of all, the site submitted to a search engine, whether it is not included in the collection, the first submission. If you find that 3 months is not included you go back to submit a. The entrance to the search engine we know it, do not know to Baidu! read more

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How to achieve a qualitative leap in the Forum

what is the forum to promote

forum to promote, simply say that in the relevant forum is posted on the post (not pure advertising), in order to attract the attention of others, and ultimately achieve the purpose of promotion. The purpose of the forum to promote, is to achieve sales guidance, brand guidance, traffic guidance effect.

Then the key

to achieve these objectives is that: first, do not have to be removed to long time preservation on the site; two, to attract the eye, this is the first step to let users click success; three, to impress users, not enough light to see, but also to be able to touch the user’s nerve; four, someone interactive is an interactive forum to promote the essence. read more

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Please delete the movie drama struggle

The court ruled that the defendant

network technology company network television broadcast TV drama "struggle", the success of the company transferee violated the plaintiff’s right to network dissemination of information obtained, sentence the defendant to compensate the plaintiff economic loss of 150 thousand yuan.

day before the success of Ningbo multimedia communication network technology Co., Ltd. v. a company copyright infringement dispute case concluded, Beijing Haidian District City People’s court ruled that the defendant network technology company to broadcast network television drama "struggle", the success of the company transferee violated the plaintiff’s right to network dissemination of information from the judgment, the defendant to compensate the plaintiff economic the loss of 150 thousand yuan. read more

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Dialogue and then talk about the closure of Taiwan left the lake

      two times to see the Internet platform to exit the table, but also read the N comrades wrote the message, but also want to N+1 the status of the development of the Internet, decided to write something for the first time. At the same time also want to make their own stand for more than 1 years of experience to say to you, if not, you throw a brick, I am indebted forever!

      we put aside the seal a past or character or to say his personal articles, read several articles and his old. One point of view, although not all agree, but at least 50% of the words are still good, but also worthy of us in the webmaster nets mixed every webmaster is worth thinking and accepting. For the closure of the station to leave (or silence), personally think that our Internet or Admin5 loss. People listen to others, lost all sealed units, we tantamount to lose one’s ears can hear different voices, what can be happy? read more

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On social media marketing objectives

before starting a social media marketing campaign, you must define your goals clearly. In foreign countries, there are a number of social media marketing campaign is designed to remove some negative results from the search engine’s search results page. In this case, there are two different targets, one is the reputation management, two is to establish new links, these links may appear in the search results page search engine, thereby increasing the positive publicity related to the content of the enterprise and the brand. Social media marketing and other goals, including improving brand awareness, increase traffic, improve search engine rankings, improve sales of products or services, etc.. Correctly set goals, to maximize the value of social media marketing. read more

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Net red from the media is not the biggest value of flow

if you want to advertise, then "flow" must be a very important vocabulary.

so we are accustomed to take the flow to calculate the value of the delivery channel – Papi sauce astronomical advertising auction worth it, a lot of people will be sent to the article and Youku, the electricity supplier’s exposure cost comparison.

but I want to say today is: whether it is Papi sauce, such as red, or other media marketing channels, the biggest value is not traffic.

what do you mean? First, for example. read more

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Tomato door marketing real ones benefits are obvious

yesterday, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall in Shenzhen at the 2012 annual meeting of faction generation e-commerce said recently circulated on the network "tomato door" event is not marketing, he also revealed that he and the heroine of the Jingdong store small appliances director Jia Zhuang have been in love for three years. So far, the tomato door fell curtain. Although Liu Qiangdong came forward to clarify the incident, but there are still a lot of people questioned whether hype marketing. Whether the tomato door is not the event marketing, for now, to get the benefit of Jingdong mall, aside from personal emotional impact, the biggest benefit is Liu Qiangdong. read more

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Ni Zhengdong President of clear online shopping this year explosive growth

China’s Internet industry, from now until the next 2 years, is ushering in the wave of the listing of the climax of the second." The day before, said Zero2IPO group president Ni Zhengdong to accept the "First Financial Daily" interview, "the tide China Internet companies listed on the first wave to Chinese brought Baidu, grand Sohu, such enterprises, a new round of listing tide, we can see the wireless Internet e-commerce and other fields, will have the same excellent organic company." read more

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Foreign pier CEO Ceng Bibo Ocean terminal is not a cattle company

[Abstract] cross-border electricity supplier wharf yesterday completed a $100 million B round of financing. Cross-border electricity supplier in the huge capital will usher in the industry reshuffle.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on January 28th

cross-border electricity supplier industry is currently the largest financing in the afternoon to complete the official, the protagonist is the foreign terminal. In the sharing meeting, said Ceng Bibo, founder of the foreign port, the object of financing there are two, an investor from the A round with the cast, another because there is a national background, it is not convenient to disclose. read more

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Pull WeChat around 58 go to the reconstruction of second hand business business at last

in the market after the merger, the 58 market business development finally have their own sense of rhythm, the investment quickly layout business is more and more widely, since the vertical specialization, but as classified information, one of the main business in the secondary market has not been given due attention, finally saw a new second-hand business product "around" in the recent on-line 58 go quietly, finally began to pay attention to mining secondary market potential.

secondary market is undervalued, has not been really developed, 58 market now wake up just in time read more

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CNNC can’t let CN domain crash

2008 prices directly affect the future of.Cn domain name and the future of Chinese.Cn. Of course, if the 2008.Cn domain name renewals price is 1 yuan would take what agents at all levels to support themselves, the final price of rice farmers renewals at least 3-5 yuan. Suddenly think of at the beginning of this year, CNNIC 1 yuan before engaging in the online survey, the price of Chinese Internet users can accept the CN price, most choose 3-5 yuan. So, I imagine, 2008 CN domain name renewals price is 1 yuan, the agent for some more, the final price is likely to be 3-5 yuan, don’t blame me not. read more

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The primary problem of the 10000 CEO Yang Guojian about the entities most painful

recently, the 10000 network CEO Yang Guojian entity enterprise survival situation and how to solve the problems faced by business entities expressed their views.

he said that none of the companies fail because of production and supply can not keep up, only the product sales do not go out and shut down. Enterprises from R & D to sales of a product to the hands of users after one hundred and eight thousand, every link is a challenge, every step requires a lot of external and internal resources to support a ridge only themselves, part of a flawed may be wasted, those who do business really great, how to decrease the 10000 entrepreneurs burden is to solve the problem. So the most important problem is how the real estate enterprises to sell products. The primary problem of product sales is the user where? 10000 network can provide you with your concern, of course, the 10000 just give you the tools, you must cooperate with the solution of chains. read more

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New ideas on the construction and development of the rental website

with the development of e-commerce and online transactions better and better, more and more enterprises begin to build the site organize staff to carry out online business. The company also undertake website construction more and more, but because of the construction site is a one-time transaction, when the site is difficult to delivery after the deep level mining customer demand, shoe sky that can try to transition to the construction site rental website.

we analyze

from two aspects of enterprise and website construction company read more

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