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      "two days ago to a court, tell me the lack of some materials, I will go to court to submit pleadings tomorrow." June 27th, the publisher of the forum AdSenser.org webmaster Duan Xiaolong told the first financial daily. He told Google.

      at the beginning of June, personal webmaster Duan Xiaolong submitted a lawsuit to Shanghai first intermediate people’s court, sued the search giant Google advertising alliance jurisdiction clause in AdSense is invalid. June 13th, the small dragon received the court’s decision, the court ruled that the jurisdiction of the case to the United states. Duan Xiaolong sued the reason is that he felt the site of the main site of the Google invalid invalid provisions and serious misunderstanding, because it belongs to foreign contract disputes, in accordance with legal procedures, the need to determine the jurisdiction. Duan Xiaolong refuses to accept the decision of the court, the prosecution decided to continue with the other. read more

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Dumbo Reuters

(Cui Yuxian / text) according to China Mobile insiders revealed to reporters Dumbo, the long-awaited China Mobile payment company recently has quietly established in July 1st, has obtained a business license. It is reported that the company’s full name is the Agel Ecommerce Ltd".

according to the reporter, the newly established Agel Ecommerce Ltd will be related to the work of all the China Mobile e-commerce base in Hunan to run. Previously, China Mobile has been the field of mobile wallet as the focus of business development, while the Hunan e-commerce base is focused on Yu Yuancheng mobile payment and wireless payment. read more

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2 digital domain name 53 cn transfer price change fine of one million yuan

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) March 31st – domain investor Wu Yu in the recently acquired 2 digital domain name 53.cn, it is said that the price of one million yuan. 2 digital.Cn domain recently has exposed millions of transactions.


: digital domain name


domain name 53.cn and "I think", "network", "wireless" and other words related to terminal homophonic, 53wan, is not subject to restrictions of the domain name in the site, earlier this month it is reported that the domain name 53.cn with 7 digit price change, less than one month, and then exposed the main news. The acquisition of 53.cn domain name investor Wu Yu also holds a lot of digital domain name. read more

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Market capitalization of less than 1 billion 200 million per person to whom


| Sun Hongchao

in the memory of Chinese Internet users, Renren is a meaningful company. Calculated according to age, the Internet is now the backbone of almost all the Internet have fought with the vice president, Qianxiang renren.com is responsible for Xu Zhaojun’s words: and you (Chen Yizhou) at the same time is Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Ma, Robin Li."

Compared to

and several of the above views, Chen Yizhou was in trouble, one-sided media bad mouthing let renren.com look no prospects for development. But you know, this has been a successful U.S. listed companies have more than 50 million active users on campus (CF figure is China in 2013 for a total of 26 million 480 thousand students), which is the most valuable asset for any company. read more

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according to the data show that in 2009 the domain name transaction in the new high, compared with an increase of 5% in 2008, trading volume of up to 38727 pen. The domain name acquisition lack of Google, Microsoft such big names, such as Google G.cn, Microsoft search brand BING bing.com.cn, independent Alibaba 1688.com, Baidu qiyi.com are spending huge sums of money from the original domain name holder purchased.

latest data show that by the end of 200, the world’s top domain name registration volume of more than 192 million, an increase of 15 million, and with the rise in the domain name registration, the quality of the domain name has become a scarce resource. read more

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A clinic doctors know the website triggered feelings

half a month ago, someone sent me a lot of information on my QQ. I thought it was an advertisement. When a few days to see this information, found that he was looking for me to do. Then I will contact him, he decided to do.

he is a doctor, he would like to do a website to promote his technology, it seems that there is no need to take medicine without injections can treat pain. Of course I don’t know if it’s true or not, he just wants to advertise his technology on the Internet so that everyone knows it. Even the tiger is the main site, customers want to do, we to do it, did not ask the other. But he didn’t have to pay money for a few weeks later, said the bank had a holiday, then said a few days, Monday did not pay no money straight to his website. read more

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How to develop network marketing and how to analyze core competence

A review of the

2013, a large number of businesses from the traditional offline marketing mode to wake up, squeeze the Internet marketing awfully busy. Outlook 2014, the Internet will be a platform for corporate talent, all kinds of products, service providers competitive network market. So, as the protagonist of the network marketing, in the face of hundreds of millions of Internet competitors on the Internet, what do you want to do this is what we want to discuss today: how to analyze the core competitiveness. read more

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Create a blog marketing marketing sword

to create a website marketing blog marketing


now, blog marketing has become an important means of website promotion, a large proportion of the site marketing. In the use of blog marketing, first of all we want to know what is a blog, a simple definition, blog, is the network diary. Blog this kind of network log is usually open, can be free to publish their own diary, but also can read other people’s network log. Therefore, the blog can be said to be a platform for sharing personal thoughts. The so-called blog marketing is through the blog site or blog forum to make communication between bloggers and visitors, the use of personal knowledge, resources, the dissemination of commodity information marketing activities. read more

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Small and medium enterprises how to promote enterprise website

many small and medium-sized enterprise marketing mode, the utilization of the website more and more, from the website of small and medium-sized enterprises without a series of publicity planning activities, will improve the site’s traffic, thus wasted cyber source and investment, therefore, SMEs must promote their website by a variety of channels, so that more consumers familiar with the enterprise website. So, how small and medium enterprises to promote corporate Web site in this era of rapid consumption of the Internet, which measures should be taken to promote corporate website read more

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Domain name is no longer for gold but for relief

domain name has been one of the more controversial topics of the Internet, the rapid development of China’s domain name market in recent years, for the growth of China’s Internet industry has made outstanding contributions. The number of Internet users in China has already surpassed the United States, has become the country with the largest number of global Internet users, is worthy of "the first big Internet powerhouse. The rapid growth of China’s Internet industry, but also for many of its industrial chain has brought hope and vitality. read more

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All free will be the only way to open an independent shop platform

some time ago and a do e-commerce chat with friends, not natural said the website how to profit, his view is to continue to set threshold for users, allowing users to continue to pay, but my point is he and I advocate all draw further apart, service functions all open, so that the user can freely the entry, and if you do not involve too much manpower situation, as the whole free, so we tuomohengfei for a long time, finally he raised the white flag and the end.

is actually free persisted through the years to continue to explore their own summing up experience, first shop platform "my shop" when operating under shopex, their own ideas and above friends, I’ll let you free to come in, then I’ll set a bait, so you have to pay (I think you really silly), really the beginning of many shopkeepers rushed in, and the official website forum is a racket, but not every day is Sunday, about a year later, a volume slowly fell sharply, the forum also deserted lot, many shop owner name even even shop did not have hurried away, and never came back later, he and a few colleagues analyzed, all the data this year’s summary compilation, a final analysis. To conclude, many shopkeepers just have a good start, or just to say "I was interested in the shop before the threshold to my pride in the door, when I suddenly realized that this year I just want a variety of methods in wishful thinking taking the user’s purse, but ignored the most important user experience, so after this lesson, I began to think" I shop "as a warning for the future of how the future of the planning. read more

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[IT] times sharp comment recently in the Amazon online shopping a few books, remembered before college, will also go to buy books Dangdang, Amazon will choose consciousness but now, Dangdang account and password I forgot.

Dangdang more and more far away from me, doesn’t happen is tortuous, naturally, began to buy books on Dangdang above, then use the Amazon, Amazon’s web design that people feel very comfortable, but every time you buy a book has related book recommendations, will be based on my past experience book recommended similar books, so I will imperceptibly abandoned Dangdang, Amazon chose. read more

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