Guy in the other sites in the link to make money did not expect to go to jail

young people proficient in computer technology, can find a lot of opportunities for themselves, in Ling’an there is a young man, was in the wrong place, but let the police call.

money, 29 years old, graduated from technical secondary school. Police investigators impression of him is very smart, but also very study, know a lot of computer knowledge.

after graduation, he worked in a computer shop in Hangzhou, the main computer system to do the repair, maintenance work.

this time, he contacted the "hacker", and found the opportunity some website boss is willing to spend money in some technical exchange QQ group, is hidden in other small implantation sites on the Links, improve the Baidu ranking. read more

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Online travel giant fell two where Ctrip report suspected fraud

two online travel giants open warfare! Yesterday, where the network to each big media system "Hotel consumer dissatisfaction, Ctrip angrily turned" evil city "" the news, two words with copious and fluent two pictures to publicly accused Ctrip "monopoly" behavior, the Ctrip responded that yesterday afternoon this is to give, the user can better understand the contents and rules.

The online travel market, behind the recent

events were four, all the princes are behind the infighting, Ctrip a dominant position gradually lost. read more

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Taobao guest novice how to play bridge

often in Taobao guest group, will see this kind of similar sun single screenshot, the Commission is very high, generally divided into 80%. Here is a small series of their own screenshots.

but when you go to Amoy backstage to search, but can not find such a product, this is Ali mother this year focus on the promotion of the products of the magpie bridge.

in the background of Ali mother called Taobao guest activities".

selects the activities in the promotion to generate a connection. Like other guest generation connection, need to choose the corresponding promotion channels. read more

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JUE Micro era how do we do micro blog marketing

With the advent of the era of micro

, micro digital marketing development is also facing a potential a thousand li a day, so marketing, we must grasp, so micro-blog marketing how do we do? When it comes to micro-blog marketing, some companies may be confused, micro-blog is not to play with them, share them, how can the marketing there’s a little clever, business, bought a lot of micro-blog marketing data, a lot of micro-blog marketing courses, the theoretical knowledge learned a lot, but when it comes to the actual operation is still a blank face, below JUE marketing experts to several operating practices of micro-blog Marketing he intermediary share. read more

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1 million of the value of the house why developers sell only 100 thousand

has heard of such a story, a real estate developer to sell the house, but this year the market we are not optimistic, it is off-season, so a large number of houses sold, so he went to see the expert advice, all the houses were he sold, and he went to the appropriate the price just to sell the house to rent out. Read this, you might think, what makes what ah, how to hear foggy? How could there be such a thing?

Oh, don’t worry, please allow me to say. The specific strategy is such that each set of house developers to sell, the average turnover to 1 million dollars, but his claim is this: 1 million of the house, now as long as a one-time payment of 100 thousand, the house is yours. However, you need to turn the house I rent, in a 10 year period, in the past 10 years, I come to collect the rent of the house, 10 years after the lease ended, the house is completely yours. read more

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Brand marketing of enterprises

In 2012

"supplier development so rapidly, many small and medium-sized enterprises that want to expand the scale, to marketing their own brands, many companies rely on traditional SEO to achieve profitability for many years, by the middle of this year, adjust the search engine of SEO attitude leads to the traditional SEO technology has been unable to bring benefits for the enterprise and many enterprises are actively seeking a breakthrough, I think if you rely on the bucket optimization technology to achieve profitability has no reality, to the development of enterprises must learn marketing brand, which is SEO a higher level requirement, namely SEM. read more

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KEA is how to tell a good story with video

video is one of IKEA’s core content marketing methods.

Alia Kemet told the company to show itself in the real picture, not just to the customer. When she first came to work at IKEA, she set a goal to expand information by telling a story that is more powerful than commercial advertising.

in order to make full use of the power of video, Alia created the project is mainly concerned about the customer itself, as well as challenges to their interior design. Tell the story of IKEA in an interesting, educational and inspiring way. They also carried out a series of market segments, from adults to seniors, to college students, or to single people, to build their first home, or even businesses. read more

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A5 webmaster network ( May 12th news, 58 city has been Appstore off the shelves, the industry will be classified as this phenomenon brush list". 58 city a magical site, but now in the face of an embarrassing, contradictory situation.

after the listing of the 58 city is facing tremendous pressure on the performance, and trying to force the wireless business to seize the market leading edge. With the development of mobile Internet, more and more Internet Co will focus on the wireless layout. Within a short period of time was the official Apple shelves, no doubt the future prospects of the 58 city wireless business cast a shadow. Two consecutive shelves because of the brush list, which gives users the impression that the city is not honest, but each time the shelf has lasted so long, so that the loss of half of the city 58 APP new. Even worse is in the Android platform, 58 city client does not occupy the absolute advantage. read more

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Analysis do electricity supplier operators need to comply with four tips

many people feel like some e-commerce sites for feeling, increase the turnover rate compared with. However, there are some skills, combined with their own experience, and we exchange, in their own plant after planting, so that more rabbits hit.

first, do a good job site

First of all,

should do their own website, so that their website to allow consumers to trust. It takes a little hard work. First of all, their own site to have a more reliable security payment system, to ensure the absolute safety of consumers. Whether or not to build their own professional website construction company to do, to ensure that their web site enough hard". read more

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Double 11 single day sales review over the past 5 years doubled by 700 times

Alibaba after the listing of the first double 11, is destined to be an extraordinary double 11, and this year, double the number of sales will be reached on the day of the nature is highly lively topic of the year 11. The day before, Tmall President Wang Yulei said, for sales this year, don’t predict the specific figures, but can be sure: "more than 35 billion yuan is certainly not a problem."

from 50 million yuan in 2009 to $35 billion in 2013, no matter who can not deny that the impact of the double electricity supplier industry to bring the 11, along with these figures, was left in the history of the electricity supplier. read more

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Domain registration techniques

domain name value assessment should pay attention to things

      recently I found that there are a lot of friends in this post, ask yourself how the value of the domain name. However, it is difficult for us to give a clear answer, so I hope you send this kind of posts should be self explanatory.

1, you have to use the domain name is to invest in the hope of selling, or intend to use their own.

      if you are going to use the domain name on your own, there is no need to waste our time for evaluation. Use their own domain name as long as the short record, the value of the domain name is to rely on your site to foil. read more

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Juhuasuan influence Taobao search weight Customer not to notice

December 22nd news, today, micro-blog signed from the media Wu mosquito meter revealed that at 10 on the morning of December 22nd, all of Juhuasuan’s sales began to be included in the search weight. According to the said, the news has been confirmed by the second.

if the message is correct, from now on, the sales business in Juhuasuan, Taobao search can be included in the sales, the sales volume is higher, the user search according to the sales ranking in Taobao, the ranking more forward. Prior to this, Juhuasuan generated sales are only included in the comprehensive sort, that is included in the conversion rate of commercial shops, quality of service, dynamic rating, credit rating and other indicators. read more

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