Teach you how to register domain names in foreign countries

recent national crackdown vulgar website caused domestic webmaster jittery, through domestic bus and multi domain was hold makes many owners lost the confidence of the domain name registration in china. Many webmasters have to turn to the domain name, it is recommended to register domain names in foreign countries. The following are some of my experience in the field of domain name registration abroad hope to give you some harvest.

a lot of foreign domain name registrar, but the domestic webmaster is much more GoDaddy, name, domainsite, NameCheap, enom. Many people think that the domain name registration in foreign countries is very troublesome is very convenient with the domestic price is not much difference between even cheaper, and management is very convenient. Almost all of the domain names can be registered directly push transfer, turn out is also very simple. Not for the sake of the interests of your domain name restrictions. The following I registered domain name in name.com, for example, the first to register a domain name in foreign countries have a credit card or paypal. If there is no credit card can use the PayPal, first registered PayPal account, pay attention to PayPal certified international account not registered domestic PayPal, PayPal is not paid $. Then to Taobao or the forum of stationmaster of the dollar. Name.com domain name price of 8.99, but can generally find a discount you can offer about $1. Name.com domain name to provide free hidden whios services we can query under my domain name www.zhengmei.net is the sister network set up a hidden effect. Turn out is also very convenient transfer code on the side of the domain name, the interpretation is also very fast is basically a real time to do the first choice of vulgar station owners, the following is the domain name name.com tutorial. read more

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Internet thinking is the hot topic they are, what the Internet finance, Internet TV, Internet refrigerator and so on, so can a "Internet basket"? The Internet heavyweights have agreed that 2014 is the first year of transformation of traditional industries, these industries or passive or active on the internet. Agriculture is one of the most traditional industries for thousands of years has not changed, and how to embrace the Internet?

Zhu Cheng, Liu Tao and pan apple is a leader in 2013 in agriculture, but also will shorten the distance between the Internet and agriculture by a large margin. In addition to these celebrities around the project, there are also a large number of new agricultural projects, running chicken, pig run, green fruits and vegetables and so on, which accounted for the vast majority of small and medium-sized new agricultural projects has become a hot topic in the internet. The new farmers are actively explore new agricultural business road. Let the natural state through the LocalHarvest case to analyze how many small farms, to create small and beautiful agricultural electricity supplier. read more

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yesterday (May 6th), Alibaba Group officially announced in Hangzhou, its website 1688.com will be formally launched on the 18 global sourcing platform, an important part of the group’s cross-border import strategy.

it is understood that Spain became the first country to enter the global sourcing platform, Portugal, Italy, South Korea and other countries will also be settled.

Alibaba senior vice president Wu Minzhi said, to make 1688 imported the world’s largest distribution platform, and the use of logistics support and data flow service, do import commodities traceability fidelity. read more

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