Business opportunities everywhere

many people complain that there is no good project, no good business opportunities, there is no good market, in fact, business opportunities everywhere, as long as you pay more attention to, and more to find, more investigation, more efforts, there is no mountain. The following small for everyone to bring a few fashion small business opportunities!

is a different picture with online pharmacies, customers see only ", in which the users can choose their own name, to purchase the number of drugs, if not for the medicine, also can give the site responsible for the pharmacist consultation. The website has opened a shopping Q & a column, with 24 hours of dedicated phone calls and answering questions from customers. However, for many people the traditional consumption mode, network station "cash on delivery" opened to the 450 city in china. To facilitate customers to buy, the network to take 1 weeks, 7 days, 1 days, 24 hours working mode.
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Please give me a bit of advice for this old rookie

is currently looking for a job, really confused, in the IT industry experienced brothers and sisters to give me some suggestions.

about the situation, female, 302000 years from a little famous engineering colleges in Shenzhen, then a famous but a Taiwanese company reputation is not very good in the ERP two development, the ERP system is relatively old, but they still used very smoothly, operating system: UNIX. Database: Informix, 4GL. At the same time, an internal Web system can also be used as a query, some understanding of the JSP, but did not get to the bottom. Work there for one year, then a small software company (now is a failure, at least from the first Taiwanese company sudden), the development of ERP software for small and medium enterprises using C++ Builder and SQl Server there was still very hard, from the trial period was almost until at last the person in charge of a team, do more than a year, think the company itself is not what the development potential, and then has been to the college entrance examination results are not satisfactory and I decided to quit working hard grind, took the exam a few months. After the 2003 went to a well-known treatment also had to do a Korea Companies inside but no matter what the work do odd jobs in the range of IT’s name, a study for the students during the school admission. August September resignation, excitedly went to the school report, professional direction for data mining. read more

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renamed China ( December 9th news, it is reported that the price of 338 thousand yuan to the node to shoot the 2 letter domain station now in January of this year to keep the domain name CNNIC landing phase.

2 letter domain name has many well-known terminals in China, such as the Tencent’s "micro", 360, Jinshan, Baidu has the "Guardian" security products. In January was photographed, there are a lot of speculation or terminal shots. Now, this domain has enabled website, micro business platform operators "porcelain muscle micro business, the micro shop platform can provide 15 kinds of about 35 million SKUs goods categories including: beauty and personal care, clothing, digital products and so on 3C. read more

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Outlet on the closure of the literary website why is it difficult

lead: why the network literature is difficult to "quit"? This is because the flow artifact! Yesterday to close 20 literary website rectification, the basic is the production mode of copyright. Users pay habits are not formed today, difficult to survive, quit color difficult.

another year of "anti pornography", a group of literary websites were closed for rectification, "quit color".

April 13th, according to CCTV "news network" report, the national pornography working group office decided in mid April to November, in the fight against online pornographic information pornography · net net 2014 special action. It is reported that more than 20 of the network literature website can not visit. read more

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2016 the life and death of local sites

survival or death, this is the shadow of the site has been shrouded in the shadow over the years.

said that the demise of the argument, with the tentacles of the BAT deeper and deeper, with the vertical site continues to erode, the local site will die!

said that this development is hard work, we do the dirty work so hard, we do deep rooted in local, do. Moreover, the Internet is so large, not by a few giants dominate the world


whether you believe it or not, 2016, perhaps the answer is about to be announced. read more

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maternal and child market has great potential to attract electricity supplier giant Amazon China’s strong entry. Yesterday, Amazon announced Chinese, Amazon Chinese overseas purchase baby shop officially launched operation.


Chinese stressed areas, including maternal stores, overseas purchase shop all goods directly from the United States Amazon, in addition to ensure that the same price, all the goods through a global delivery service Amazon, delivery time to achieve an average of 2 weeks, the fastest 3 working days delivery guarantee. In addition, the maternal and child shop all the goods are provided in China’s local service. read more

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Three simple tools to help you collect and optimize marketing data

chasing (Ambulance) is one of the oldest marketing tricks.

put this way of selling bad reputation aside, Ambulance chasing, in fact, means that when looking for potential customers, you need to look for those who have a signal, and then follow them, until they came back to life (interest), rather than looking for those products to you are not interested in people.

produced using traditional methods of marketing guidance cues, such as trade fairs and a list of products and so on, these now have no what effect, because when the traditional marketing way to contact you at the moment, in fact, it means that you have left behind, especially in today, the efficiency of most traditional marketing methods are very low. In order to achieve your desired sales goals, your sales leads to the need for continuous business or personal service. In addition, the potential customers also want you to help them provide a more mature and effective solutions. read more

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network infringement shall bear responsibility for unauthorized reprint by website users can delete the responsibility

hired Navy slander others, infringe upon the personal rights and interests, the infringer requests are jointly and severally liable, the people’s court shall support. Xinhua News Agency

The Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the people’s Republic of China promulgated the provisions on Several Issues concerning the application of law in the trial of cases of infringement of information network infringement read more

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2014 raise ten events West master anti mu Jingdong high-profile approach

in the first quarter of 2014, raising the total amount of about 52 million 450 thousand yuan to raise the public, including raising the public to raise funds raised $5 million 200 thousand, raise public equity raise $47 million 250 thousand. 2014 second quarter cumulative fund-raising $135 million 460 thousand, an increase of $158.3%, of which the amount of fund-raising to raise the public to raise the amount of $27 million 80 thousand, an increase of 420.8%, raising the amount of public equity raised $108 million 380 thousand, up by 129.4%. The third quarter of 2014, the total amount raised to raise funds reached $275 million 860 thousand, compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 103.6%, to raise the public to raise up to $73 million 20 thousand to raise public equity reached $20284. Is expected in the fourth quarter, raising a total amount of all the chips will reach 445 million yuan, including 99 million 980 thousand yuan reward to raise public equity raise 344 million 820 thousand yuan. Can be seen in the congregation to raise the scale in 2014, each quarter has reached more than doubled the momentum of growth, China’s domestic industry is still at the stage of rapid development. Back in 2014, although the financial pattern of the Internet, all the chips also only a small part, as well as the P2P that make people mad, but it is still a big event, stimulate our nerves, microscope, lead a person to endless aftertastes, on the occasion of the new year, let us come on. read more

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Share my free Taobao shop promotion this time


, Qiazhiyisuan, I do Taobao age has been 5 years, 5 years of age bidding documents, but the 5 years witnessed the Taobao

growth and growth, anything, once bigger, he will set a lot of rules to classify the level of participants. 5 years ago, Taobao not now so ostentatious, no Wang Pu, no train, Taobao mall these things. It is the new Taobao service is actually Taobao seller is divided into several grades, the grade is behind who will burn in Taobao, whose business was better than absolute which do not burn a lot. read more

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A novice VS a new site promotion plan summary

I recently received a task, is to promote a new website for their enterprise. The following is based on the experience of the past two years to promote the website to write a promotion program, in the purpose of this is to give you a better communication and learning and learning experience to modify the program. Also hope the friends a lot, so I make promotion plan is Daniel

?Company name: Shenzhen

Nairuier Co. Ltd.

website address:

a, keyword selection and positioning

by Baidu index and Google keyword selection tool to select keywords valuable website as the target keywords, because the company is mainly engaged in the service for beauty, slimming, breast enhancement, through the preliminary analysis, the following related business words as target keywords: read more

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Restore the real micro-blog marketing (I)

always wanted to write about the micro-blog marketing content, in 2012 November, I met 18 Internet practitioners, we decided to do such a thing, then we each division, assigned three micro-blog account, then the nearly 60 accounts for as long as 10 days of data tracking, and the data tracking results are analyzed, so this series of articles, to restore the true micro-blog marketing. The reason for such a problem, because we found that many people understand the micro-blog marketing is biased.

to restore the real micro-blog Marketing – 18 Internet practitioners data tracking results for 10 days (I) read more

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[TechWeb] reported news October 6th, spring (spring health doctor) official public number WeChat officially released obituary, received a specific message confirmation: "Beijing Chunyu World Software Co. Ltd. (spring doctor) founder and CEO Mr. Zhang Rui, due to sudden myocardial infarction, died in Beijing on the evening of October 5, 2016, at the age of 44." To bring huge losses to the rain doctor, but also entrepreneurs, especially in the field of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs huge injustice. read more

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Zhang Fangwen how to carry out e-commerce in traditional Chinese Enterprises

according to authoritative data show that as of the end of March 2011, Chinese users has exceeded 477 million people, this kind of data can tell us what? The Internet is the rapid development of electronic commerce, with vigorously promoting business in the future may be completely replaced by electronic commerce! This is what we received signal


China traditional enterprises how to conduct e-commerce? The traditional enterprise electronic commerce should have what conditions? How should we conduct e-commerce after the operation of our network company? Zhang Fangwen will explain to you with the "Chinese traditional enterprises how to correctly carry out the electronic commerce?". read more

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Network promotion 14 essence program

network promotion should always keep an idea: find the promotion platform, released to promote the promotion of information – Information – add view registration, message information, maintenance information (add, modify, delete, update), looking for promotion platform, is a long-term continuous cycle process.

a website, there is no a good promotion program is not good, the site’s promotion program is varied, for the training industry website, I personally think, promotion program has the following: read more

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[Abstract] after the current round of financing, Dunhuang will force the mobile terminal cross-border electricity supplier and the expansion of emerging markets such as Russia, South america.

Dunhuang network founder and CEO Wang Shutong (Figure)

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on September 15th

2014, B2B cross-border electricity supplier in Dunhuang ushered in its 10 year old birthday. The day before, Dunhuang network announced that has completed hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, the CRE capital and TDF Capital Hua Ying investment, this is the Dunhuang network to complete the fourth round of financing, but also means that the domestic cross-border electricity supplier B2B to usher in a new direction. read more

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From sell to sell the brand stars how to prepare

news December 15th, billion state power network that last night, known as the red net electricity supplier pioneer group stars in its brand feast announced that the focus of the stars will be more days after incubation of IP brand to "sell the brand" instead of "sellers".

according to the star group CEO Liu Yang introduction, from the beginning of 2014, the stars and celebrities to cooperate, according to the characteristics of celebrities, to match the overseas supply chain. And the stars first took over the well-known commentators five sacred mountains scattered people shop, mainly works by celebrities and overseas supply chain, operations team cooperation, Liu Yang said the shop sales doubled several times. read more

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How e-commerce and enterprise ERP system integration

when information technology is being used as a production factor, a problem arises: is it effective?. In other words, enterprises do not make full use of their existing information technology and equipment, so that the output to achieve as high as possible, or at the same level of production, so that the least cost of information technology. This tells us that enterprises should not only make a new combination of production factors, but also make the most effective use of production factors. Today, many manufacturing enterprises in China are stepping up e-commerce and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, however, how can we make the two companies to be technically effective? read more

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O2O is not only a new mode of production line trading is the kingly way

first introduced basic concepts of universal Baidu universal to everyone: O2O, O2O Online To Offline is offline business opportunities in conjunction with the Internet, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. O2O there is no doubt that everyone is a hot bar, it is a new model, so that many sellers or businesses to see a broader business opportunities. read more

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B2B e-commerce calls for a new service model

Internet era already exceeds that of Moore’s law as defined in the category, which is not only reflected in the concept of the update, and more is the great changes caused by the new concept with the actual value of the concept and behavior mode. A few years ago we thought a good domain name may create great value to a website, but later we found that general users can rely on brain memory to domain name more than 10, usually around 7, which fits in Dr. Miller’s memory test. If so, the world’s most valuable domain will not exceed 50, that how we look forward to the value created by the domain name? And with the search engine technology, the value of the domain name will become increasingly weakened, because as long as people remember the name of the web site or description can easily enter the site through the engine. And these memory than the memory of some unrelated strings easier. read more

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