March 18th news, close to the top of NetEase informed sources revealed to the TechWeb, NetEase will be this month, on-line on the 20. By then, NetEase will become a commercial portal in the official launch of second micro-blog service portal. Micro-blog has become the portal website standard.

early in January 16th this year, micro-blog NetEase came about on-line news, then the NetEase made a thousand dollars in cash to collect users micro-blog slogan, January 20th NetEase micro-blog has been able to access the address, but the online stage need an invitation code to register. read more

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Using the website promotion space trick 51

today to share my experience with you website promotion, yesterday evening in the A5 made a "using QQ promotion to get more than 5000 IP experience sharing" article, is an appetizer, is the trick to share today website promotion method.

you know, 51 space, Sina blog space can see your own situation and visitors to visit, we usually see in their own space for people to visit our space, have the habit of return visit, especially to see each other is a beautiful picture of the visitors, the boy is 100 percent to return their go to the space, and their equal. read more

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A brief analysis of social network sharing marketing model

social network, also known as social communication network, the core price is that it makes the relationship between the two strangers to each other, a variety of social network marketing model is also based on this development. Depth of the recent study of social networking platform marketing model, which had to say is the sharing of marketing, small series of operations of the 88 tigers free fortune telling website is also operating the same pattern.

WeChat circle of friends to share

network is a broad product marketing world, WeChat officially derived social network, with a mobile phone to play WeChat friends everywhere, not lack of target potential customers in this group of large groups, through the nearby people, may know who shake functions can meet more users find; the user then determine whether it is the target customers, establish groups to target customers; see their share in the target group, not simply advertising model, said their feelings with groups of friends, do not need to highlight the product marketing, not to highlight their own is to sell products, so as not to strangers reject, if we can build a public micro signal, the best show to the public identity, improve their confidence. read more

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A5 ( station network December 6th news, once in can campus popular in the mobile social era to regain youth? The old social networking websites have missed the best time of change, but the new version of the mobile client just launched, the company at the helm, Chen Yizhou does not want to give up.

2011, everyone with the Chinese version of the concept of Facebook landing NYSE, listing the first day of the market value of up to $about 7000000000. Everyone in the package listed assets, Chen Yizhou has been in the video, social networking, games, group purchase and intelligent business social field has a completely different layout, in addition to video object, the other four major business lines are analogous to: analogy object is Facebook; all the game corresponds to the Zynga network group purchase website glutinous rice to imitate the United States Groupon the reference; graticule is the famous American business social network Linkedin. However, the diversification of the layout has been criticised as "a hodgepodge", the outside world can not see the complementary and synergistic effect of each line of business. More importantly, with the rise of micro-blog and WeChat, everyone is facing a series of challenges: the first is the loss of the master the number of active users and user stickiness decline, new users and old users, micro-blog and WeChat. read more

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Network marketing new method Daquan marketing everywhere

network marketing method for network operators are familiar with, the method is very simple; now we have to do a creative in the simple method, can play a multiplier effect, otherwise it will be less effective; we should learn to find the "new", in a calm and natural heart to do things; the Internet emphasizes "sharing" we will have the "first time" to share what we need most people.

This marketing knowledge type

(BaiDu): as Baidu know, search (SOSO) questions and so on, through the relationship between users and mutual assistance, "the chain reaches a certain promotion effect; according to the classification into their own good channel to answer in the circle of mutual aid, enhance your visibility, to produce a" tape "; perfect extension of your personal data, reasonable nature appeared to express their own content. read more

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technology news January 26th evening news, an internal e-mail cross-border Ocean Terminal founder Ceng Bibo was exposed, determined to complete the B round of $100 million financing, he recalls once financing were repeatedly refused in the mail, the following is the full text of the message:

fellow dock brothers:

I got the most money in my life in September 10, 2009, 800 thousand yuan, in October 1st, I went to Changzhou to start the foreign terminal project, the name of the time is not called the foreign terminal, called radish open the door read more

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Build marketing team is the way out of e commerce

recently, I received many telephone network company salesman, mainly to sell their business, do network promotion to help small and medium enterprises, such as SEO optimization, Baidu snapshots, keyword ranking, paid advertising and so on. As a result, some of my thinking has been raised: where is the direction of e-commerce for SMEs?

with the development of the electricity supplier is more and more mature, the market with a large number of small and large network services, and help enterprises to do some promotion, help enterprises to do some SEO optimization, and help enterprises to do marketing planning. In a word, it makes me feel like a mess. Many small and medium enterprises in the past did not look at the electricity supplier, but over time, more and more traditional small and medium enterprises began to focus on the development of network marketing this piece of. This has long been a lot of network service company’s survival and development space, at the same time, also caused a lot of problems: because they do almost all low-end services, so the competition is fierce, often play price war. The results of many of these services were more and more bad. read more

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How to make the site access to break through the bottleneck

first, of course, is to focus on content pull. Content not only to the original, but also to the new, that is, keep up with the trend. Because the hot topic is the eternal theme, we have to take a lot of download stations, but now, the new download station is still emerging. So long as you have always will have you fixed the visitors, but if you build it flat and tasteless, the same download station, what other people here? So we do popular websites must be more careful when major news, such as recent pornographic and violent events, close attention the topic, look at the top fifty websites, which now know what users want to see, these are all good material, taking the successful experience of others, their own independent opinion and ideas with them, fully integrated with your "home", as a result, you the site will be out of the ordinary, with appropriate promotion, your site must have counter. read more

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The nuts also made Festival chiban shop a health nut

news September 12th, Ichiban shop in the "9.17 China nuts Health Day" on that day, the company announced that it will upgrade the nuts snacks based products, and released a product called "Daijiaren" products.

Ichiban shop responsible person: with the popularity of nuts healthy concept, dietary structure of national are continually changing. Now the key is to create innovative products and ideas to provide users willing to eat, while convenient for users to manage the health of nuts." read more

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Huang Jianfeng BY HEALTH enterprise innovation road CO must first transformation

Abstract: at present, the everyone is talking about the transformation of enterprises, O2O, electricity providers, Huang Jianfeng from the IT department to responsible for brand new business, but also a transformation for the envy of many CIO and desire turned gorgeous.

met Huang Jianfeng for the first time, you will think that his identity is a professor, he has a unique scholar refined atmosphere, but in fact he has just won the "outstanding China CIO", "the most valuable CIO", "CIO China influential man" and other honorary awards, and now Huang Jianfeng is from the director of information technology China leading dietary supplement the transition to the new brand health enterprise business director. With the pace of enterprise innovation, from the CIO to the director of the electricity supplier leapfrog, Huang Jianfeng is how to do with such curiosity, CIO era network conducted an exclusive interview with him, together to explore the successful transformation of the road CIO. read more

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You are the next product sector kylin wit Mei Long Su

this time is indeed a bit busy, the workload is great, for a new product, it can be described as a challenge. Since the national day of the products on the main performance for the following points:

1, demand management: demand collection, demand understanding, demand communication;

2, product design: information design, prototype design;

3, product tracking: UI design, R & D support, testing on-line;

can be described as a full set of health care ah!

requirements management

source is very complex, also said that everyone is a product manager, every one can of the product point, put forward their own ideas for it, also often say that the demand. Some people may say, is to put the idea of others to collect the OK, and it is not a difficult thing. Of course, it is not difficult to simply organize information, but if it involves the processing of information, it is not so easy. In general, to get the following needs to do a few things: read more

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Chain SEO taboo search engine

      what is death?

      path address chain is the server has changed or not exist. Unable to find the current location.  

      the death of harm to the site?

      after the user clicks on a link, that address is not open, if there are many such links on your site, the user experience is very bad, the user will have trouble to death, if there are a lot of links on your site, often allow users to generate the trouble, then you are likely to lose a loyal user. The search engine’s attitude is people-oriented, allowing users to generate annoying things, search engines will have the same trouble, and let the search engine trouble consequences may be right down, in serious cases, direct K station, so we must seriously death this thing. read more

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How to quickly promote the mall website goods

mall now more and more sites, more and more easily, but the site is easy, difficult to promote, as long as you find the promotion of the method, it is easy. Here to introduce the following several promotion methods.

, established in the mall site must be clear positioning of their target users, the domain name selection is one of the important factors of SEO, the domain name is better, shorter, followed by the stability of the space, not to buy cheap junk space, resulting in spatial instability, and lead to the loss of customers, this is very important there, well, write your keywords and title, this is the first from the SEO. read more

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Why Baidu has only 10% of revenue after switching phoenix nest

December 1st, Baidu’s new advertising system, phoenix nest will take over Baidu’s original search and promotion system, the change of the business system for Baidu is really considered a rush hour. Even Reuters also believes that Baidu brings an opportunity for Google phoenix nest switch". However, Baidu believes that the impact of switching systems on its next quarter revenue will only be around 10%, but also the chain. In other words, Baidu believes that the switching system may make its fourth quarter revenue decreased by $128 million over the third quarter, at around $1 billion 150 million. read more

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– hot market

‘s most famous shopping platform Taobao 6 released the sea Amoy report for the past ten years. It is understood that the national sea Amoy 10 years, more than more than and 100 countries and regions, there are more than 2 million online overseas goods on sale. 2015 is the sea Amoy the largest increase in a year, the first half of the total population accounted for the new sea Amoy 28%, far higher than in previous years.

Dongguan municipal government since 2014, the overall layout of cross-border electricity supplier in the field, and introduced a series of supportive policies, so that cross-border electricity supplier usher in explosive growth. In this wave of cross-border electricity boom, export electricity supplier has maintained a high spirited, while some entrepreneurs are Zoupian Jian Feng, in the import electricity supplier that is still in the embryonic stage in the field of cross-border electricity supplier first to seize the territory. read more

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Alibaba O2O made Festival dream earlier

last year, the 3.8 life festival, power consumption

: great in strength and impetus

last year, Alibaba invited popular Korean star Lee Min Ho, crazy propaganda, everywhere 3.8 life festival advertising, the advertising is mainly concentrated in the "restaurant" KTV 62% off ", singing 3.8 yuan, 3.8 yuan tickets, and retail to continue cooperation" and "phone exclusive price" this several parts. The fourth part is "O2O", the fifth part is pushing mobile terminal entrance O2O, Alibaba’s important products of Tmall, Taobao, the acquisition of high moral map and soon across the board to participate in. read more

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High frequency O2O niche Jiezhuang fight is the strategic vision and market patience

this year, home improvement O2O very hot, home improvement O2O is also very cold. Hot is the people, now there are more and more companies scrambling to participate in the O2O market to explore the home improvement, cold is the market, it seems that the home improvement market itself did not make a positive market feedback O2O. The market is merciless and exciting easy cold, in a time around the wall decoration O2O winter four, actually home improvement O2O have been in the ice age, just before the expectations are too high. read more

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