A brief analysis of social network sharing marketing model

social network, also known as social communication network, the core price is that it makes the relationship between the two strangers to each other, a variety of social network marketing model is also based on this development. Depth of the recent study of social networking platform marketing model, which had to say is the sharing of marketing, small series of operations of the 88 tigers free fortune telling website is also operating the same pattern.

WeChat circle of friends to share

network is a broad product marketing world, WeChat officially derived social network, with a mobile phone to play WeChat friends everywhere, not lack of target potential customers in this group of large groups, through the nearby people, may know who shake functions can meet more users find; the user then determine whether it is the target customers, establish groups to target customers; see their share in the target group, not simply advertising model, said their feelings with groups of friends, do not need to highlight the product marketing, not to highlight their own is to sell products, so as not to strangers reject, if we can build a public micro signal, the best show to the public identity, improve their confidence. read more

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New network trouble home again black

Www.paycenter.com.cn recent trouble constantly, DNS was attacked, the transfer price is a joint complaint, and today again home page was black.


Beijing in a state of paralysis.

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[Abstract]500 lottery responded that there is no kana selling argument, director of the sale of shares is a normal investment behavior.

Tencent Francisco November 7th, research institutions in the United States (Muddy Waters Research) on the muddy water before said, 500 lottery network director Qi Li (Li Qi) under the pseudonym to sell 1 million 300 thousand shares of American Depositary Shares Certificate (ADR), $36 million 200 thousand.

in the muddy water Twitter account said: "the Form 144 documents, 500 lottery director Li Qi pseudonym sold 1 million 300 thousand copies of ADR, the market doesn’t seem to be aware of this matter". read more

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2 digital domain name 53 cn transfer price change fine of one million yuan

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) March 31st – domain investor Wu Yu in the recently acquired 2 digital domain name 53.cn, it is said that the price of one million yuan. 2 digital.Cn domain recently has exposed millions of transactions.


: digital domain name


domain name 53.cn and "I think", "network", "wireless" and other words related to terminal homophonic, 53wan, is not subject to restrictions of the domain name in the site, earlier this month it is reported that the domain name 53.cn with 7 digit price change, less than one month, and then exposed the main news. The acquisition of 53.cn domain name investor Wu Yu also holds a lot of digital domain name. read more

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2014 is not simple year, continue to impact the high-end catering and winter continuation of the tide of mobile Internet: (1) and death group website group purchase discount, the transformation of a group, to find a godfather group, living one; (2) to a number of high-end restaurants, stripping group, take the popular one number of cases, the dismal; (3) financing a group takeaway website, take a number of route segments, hit a number of logistics, bustling; (4) a number of high-profile Internet catering brand, boasting a group of a group, is Tucao, as trassient as a fleeting cloud. Transit goods for the full year 2014 net food O2O events found out, the catering industry combined with the Internet will be prior to flow into the supply chain competition, line back-end services and the surrounding resources integration competition, catering to the development of O2O to a depth direction. This article lists 7 topics, talk to the annual event overview. At the end of 2014 with the food and beverage O2O big event detailed records for consultation. read more

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August 14th news, Taobao today announced its new policy for third party drainage platform. The new deal shows that Taobao (not involving Tmall) will be more severe for 800 fold and three bustling bargains platform to take measures. This means that the micro-blog rumors that Taobao will to kill off 800, nine pieces of similar post, and other non normal trading platform that external news.

had news that Taobao and Tmall will be banned similar fold 800, nine mail, and other non normal trading platform, Taobao will use all of this year’s harsh measures to punish businesses. read more

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JUE Micro era how do we do micro blog marketing

With the advent of the era of micro

, micro digital marketing development is also facing a potential a thousand li a day, so marketing, we must grasp, so micro-blog marketing how do we do? When it comes to micro-blog marketing, some companies may be confused, micro-blog is not to play with them, share them, how can the marketing there’s a little clever, business, bought a lot of micro-blog marketing data, a lot of micro-blog marketing courses, the theoretical knowledge learned a lot, but when it comes to the actual operation is still a blank face, below JUE marketing experts to several operating practices of micro-blog Marketing he intermediary share. read more

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Are you still doing print ads

last year, our travel agency to do a lot of print ads, but the effect is not too good, the beginning of the company decided to cut all the print ads. This year, marketing is basically relying on the same way network, Baidu and other search engines, feeling the effect of the network is found to be good, a significant increase in the volume of business, and through the network straight off, there is a significant increase. Comprehensive summary of some experience to share with you:

1, I think now travel agency marketing methods should make certain adjustments, choose other feasible means is very necessary. Just imagine: if you see a print ad, you will choose the travel agency only on advertising, I think you and I are the same, it is difficult to believe that he did the quality. Print ads can only do an auxiliary publicity, expand the visibility of the enterprise may be a bit of a role, but the cost of print ads may be more clear than I do. With such a large cost, get a little bit of benefit, does not meet the purpose of the management of the business: with the lowest cost to get the maximum profit. Consider the use of other means of economic benefits to achieve additional publicity, to expand the visibility of the enterprise. read more

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Abstract: virtual reality as a professional integrated service platform, GDI digital is the first batch of high-tech companies engaged in the business of virtual reality, the latest news shows that GDI digital has completed 154 million yuan B round of financing, Saif lead investor Sequoia Capital, 100 million yuan, Orient Securities, Societe Generale Securities and CICC with investment the original shareholders, just Thai Holdings, Huarong securities, Haitong Securities continue to increase.

investment community news recently, GDI digital completed 154 million yuan B round of financing, by Saif lead investor Sequoia, assets 100 million yuan, Orient Securities, Societe Generale Securities and CICC with investment, the original shareholders of Thai Holdings, Huarong securities, Haitong Securities continue to increase. read more

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Abstract: "when the mask of the false unicorn is taken off, I believe that the company will not survive long enough to take advantage of human weaknesses and stimulate the dark side of human beings. Only the true value of entrepreneurs, in the end can become the most important contribution to our society entrepreneurs."

in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of 4 programmers Ali because love program virtuoso, in the rush to war grab more than and 100 moon cake box of moon cakes, although honest they immediately report the matter to the relevant departments, but in 2 hours after a former employee. Netizens talk, this "rich dad" Ali, for a few boxes of moon cakes for you! Ali responded to, too. Ali seems that this is not a question of money, breaking the integrity and rules, this value is not ah. read more

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Network marketing Nirvana the influence of marketing group

While waiting for the train at the station,

was told that the train was delayed due to an element of resistance. In the middle of the urgency, I first thought of the solution is to contact a social media on the understanding of a ticket agent, commissioned on behalf of the train on behalf of the day, and credit card information fully informed. 10 minutes later, I breathed a sigh of relief and everything returned to control. I want to hide in the behind, is I to the agents of infinite Trust: by phone, credit card information will be fully informed to the met, without the cooperation of the agents. Of course, my trust is based on the social media attention and recognition of the group. In such a group, I and the other groups in the relationship between the individual closer, more efficient communication between each other. read more

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Three simple tools to help you collect and optimize marketing data

chasing (Ambulance) is one of the oldest marketing tricks.

put this way of selling bad reputation aside, Ambulance chasing, in fact, means that when looking for potential customers, you need to look for those who have a signal, and then follow them, until they came back to life (interest), rather than looking for those products to you are not interested in people.

produced using traditional methods of marketing guidance cues, such as trade fairs and a list of products and so on, these now have no what effect, because when the traditional marketing way to contact you at the moment, in fact, it means that you have left behind, especially in today, the efficiency of most traditional marketing methods are very low. In order to achieve your desired sales goals, your sales leads to the need for continuous business or personal service. In addition, the potential customers also want you to help them provide a more mature and effective solutions. read more

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From the mobile power crisis to see millet hunger marketing

mobile power quality problem has attracted much attention recently, the National Quality Inspection Bureau of the national mobile power one test, the sampling of 32 batches of products, 224 samples, including in recent years in the limelight millet products, even all the quality problems. As daily necessities, quality can not be guaranteed, who should be responsible for this?

mobile power quality gate

said the administration of quality inspection, sampling of mobile power is mainly the existence of "virtual standard capacity, the output voltage is too low or too high, not flame retardant plastic housing and heavy impact may be shorted spontaneous combustion and other security risks. read more

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Talking about why the website is suitable for selling products

China has many website owners personal operation, and most of them are in disorderly fashion to do, the quality level website is uneven, to begin to do a website are very confused, until a long time to realise that can use a website to make money, so muddleheaded frantically to find money products or projects and after a year or a longer period of time, after the process of being cheated cheated cheated again, thought very deep experience with a friend that rely on the network to make money is false, do not know their own ideas from the starting point is wrong. read more

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Someone asked me: "why can you stand in such a short period of time in the webmaster circle has a high visibility?" In fact, in terms of promotion, many methods can be used, such as writing soft, such as noisy do, such as SEO.

              webmasters are most concerned about the flow of the site, the most needed skills is to promote skills, money making skills. On the promotion of skills have been written by someone else rotten, some of these methods is almost every have, that is the classic technique. Although the classic technique may not be as effective as the classic imagination, Internet users are now more and more smart, but also more and more hate what pure AD information. It’s no wonder that other people are going to blame us.

          today I talk to you. Talk about how to write soft. read more

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Abstract: Lei Jun also said, there are still many difficulties in the current business. In the start-up phase of financing for example, Lei Jun said that the source of investment funds now venture enterprises can get very wide, but the investment funds mainly invested in the PE link, real investment in the early stage of angel investment risk, the money is very small.

in June 26th, in the summer of Davos "new normal, new ideas, new energy forum, when talking about the current environment of innovation and entrepreneurship, millet technology founder Lei Jun said, now China entrepreneurial environment has undergone changes in turn the world upside down. read more

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Members suggested that the push safety law by black web management responsibility

China Beijing municipal Party committee to a meeting of the eleven session of the CPPCC proposals that should make the "national security law" provisions of the Internet, the website was hacked by losses, managers for the domain name /IP server hosting, information is not true and cannot find the perpetrators also shall bear liability for compensation.

Beijing long Ying Technology Co., Ltd. director Bao Dong, according to incomplete statistics, in 2006 the number of Chinese websites were tampered with up to 25820. Many web site maintenance personnel technical level is not high, web pages are often tampered with hackers, linked to the yellow pages of the site, leading to the spread of virus and yellow information. read more

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network infringement shall bear responsibility for unauthorized reprint by website users can delete the responsibility

hired Navy slander others, infringe upon the personal rights and interests, the infringer requests are jointly and severally liable, the people’s court shall support. Xinhua News Agency

The Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of the people’s Republic of China promulgated the provisions on Several Issues concerning the application of law in the trial of cases of infringement of information network infringement read more

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Chen Congling how to kill Baidu


group in MM throws a problem: how to get rid of Baidu – alone or in concert? Is a very challenging problem is very difficult. After all, Baidu is so strong, I have said that Google is not a rival, since all his trouble, and I was a non famous small station? If I know how to do Baidu, I open than cattle! What is open? Technical experts, although the management of the retarded, but still popular welcome. Well, nonsense not say


let me talk about my views:

first, if not the merger, joint is unlikely, because not reality. Now in China, ranked on the number of search engines in addition to Baidu, Google, Alibaba, YAHOO, Tencent search, search, search portal three. United, somebody has to take the lead in the lead, choose? If Baidu than Dong Zhuo, Google is the leader of Yuan Shao, he must be, in addition to Baidu, Google said that if the second, who dare to call the boss? But this Yuan Shaoben is a beautiful man, useless. All day do salon, PARTY, no (Yi Zhongtian), the coalition looks away from God, although YAHOO fiercely, still can not escape the fate of each checkmate. The coalition was failed, without him, cielon ear read more

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Sohu Alibaba acquired Sogou shares completed in October

October 13th news according to foreign media reports, said CTO Wang Xiaochuan, the Sohu, Alibaba acquired the Sohu’s stock trading company Sogou search will be completed in October. He also said that cooperation between the two sides will not be limited to the sharing of search technology.

Wang Xiaochuan said in a telephone interview, Sohu did not discuss with Alibaba to provide backward search technology to support YAHOO china.

Alibaba spokesman declined to comment. Hong Kong listed companies Alibaba Network Limited (Alibaba.com Ltd., 1688.HK, referred to as Alibaba) the parent Alibaba Group acquired in 2005 Yahoo China, this is the year with YAHOO (Yahoo Inc. YHOO) part of the deal. read more

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