This is how the Tacon twins go through quarantine: studies, training …

first_imgAs for the leisure hours, they both have somewhat different tastes. Malena is the one who invests time in read books, especially from personal motivation. These books have somehow in fl uenced his life. The documentaries, especially soccer, have also occupied the moments of the team captain after training. “Make Us Dream”, based on the Steven Gerrard’s career, It is a favorite and one that he discovered during these days. SamaraInstead, he prefers to catch up on his friends through video calls and series. Interestingly, none of them have succumbed to electronic sports or video games. Malena and Samara, twin sisters and Tacon players, are trying to continue with the routine they had before Spanish soccer and sport stopped indefinitely due to the coronavirus health crisis. One of the things that both are paying special interest during this quarantine are the studies. The two players of the future Real Madrid Femenino are close to achieving the degree in their university degrees. Malena is taking a degree in Food Technology at UCAM and Samara a degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Alcalá.In addition to studying, Malena and Samara are focused on keep fit to get in the best possible way to the resumption of the league championship. Thus, after dedicating mornings to study, they spend the afternoons doing the exercises that the CD Tacon them commission every day. Malena, in addition, puts special effort in the diet. His knowledge in this field, thanks to his studies, allows him to carry out a plan not to spend an ounce during these weeks. In fact, controls your weight daily In addition, he also helps his sister, who is already discharged after the injury to her clavicle.last_img

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