The revolutionary measure proposed by the Nice president to solve the calendar

first_imgJean Pierre Rivere, president of the Niceunveiled at L’Equipe a revolutionary idea to redirect the soccer calendar after the coronavirus crisis. Consists in already adapt to the Qatar World Cup in 2022, the first to be played in the fall of history. In other words, the president of the French club proposes lengthen the maximum the end of this course in order to connect the next two to world cup appointment and play them in a calendar year (February to October) instead of split years.“Of course, everyone we want to end the season As fast as possible, but what if we can’t? Beyond this current season, let’s try to see consistently the three seasons to come. In 2022, the World Cup in Qatar It will take place from November 21 to December 18. My idea is that if this tournament has been uniquely scheduled, we let’s adapt already based on the problems we face today. I suggest, therefore, take us all the time we need for end the season current in October or November, and we start the next season in February. Then we could join the Euro Cup the next june and we would finish the next season again in late October. In 2022, we would take a short break in August and then repeat this formula again to play the World Cup calmly, ”said Rivere. Although it has little chance of prospering the idea, it is a fact that the FIFA and UEFA they are going to find a problem very serious on the world calendar about the coronavirus issue. Own Gianni Infantino said this problem should make them see what loaded and saturated calendar, something that She complained also publicly Javier Thebes in a tweet that precisely had Infantino as the recipient.last_img

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