Due to the renovation, one of the main tourist attractions of Zadar was closed

first_imgFrom Monday, October 1, the light installation Greeting to the Sun will be fenced and closed due to the implementation of renovation, modernization and upgrade.”The scope of work includes dismantling the existing equipment in the Greeting to the Sun pane and replacing it with new, which includes mechanical resistance to sea water, replacing the light effects generation system with a new system, upgrading software applications for creating sets, connecting to the Internet and activating effects via the Internet.”Point out from the city of Zadar.The deadline for completion, ie completion of works, is March 31.03.2018, 3.987.100,00, so practically one of the main tourist attractions in Zadar will be inaccessible to tourists for a full five months. The city of Zadar points out that the contractor is the company Tiristor doo Zadar, and the agreed price of the works is XNUMX HRK + VAT.last_img

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