Croatia has 19 registered protected products at the EU level, and another 10 are in the process of registration

first_imgThe Day of Protected Croatian Indigenous Products is celebrated on April 14, the day when the name Krk prosciutto was registered in the European Union as a protected geographical indication. The registration of the name Krk prosciutto on 14 April 2015 was the first registration of a protected mark from the EU quality system achieved by one of the Croatian agricultural and food products.Today, the Republic of Croatia, together with Belgium and Slovakia, shares 19th place with 11 registered product names in terms of the number of protected designations of origin, protected geographical indications and guaranteed traditional specialties registered in the European Union.Currently, eight more products are in the process of registration of the label at the European Union level, and as the Ministry of Agriculture points out, it is expected that by the end of 2018 all eight products currently in the process of registration by the European Commission will be registered as protected designations of origin. or a protected geographical indication at European Union level. “The Croatian story continues, and by the end of the year we will send new requests to the European Commission for registration of marks at the level of the European Union for ten more products for which a national procedure for the protection of the name is underway. ” conclude from the Ministry of Agriculture.Croatian protected products whose name is registered at the level of the European Union:PROTECTED INDICATION OF ORIGIN:Extra virgin olive oil CresNeretva mandarinOgulin sauerkraut / Ogulin sauerkrautIstrian prosciutto / Istrian prosciuttoKrk olive oilKorcula olive oilPag lambSolta olive oilVaraždin cabbageSlavonian honeyPROTECTED INDICATION OF GEOGRAPHICAL ORIGIN:Krk prosciuttoBaranja kulenLika potatoesDrniš prosciuttoDalmatian smoked hamPoljički soparnik / Poljički zeljanik / Poljički uljenjakZagorje turkeySlavonian kulen / Slavonski kulinMeđimurje meat ‘from TiblicaProtected product names, in the process of registration of the mark at the level of the European Union:Istria – Winter OlympicsPag salt – ZOILika lamb – ZOZPZagorje mills – ZOZPBjelovarski kvargl – ZOZPMining rake – ZOZPVaraždinski klipič – ZOZPPag cheese – ZOIAre we proud?These products must be our pride and we must brand them and offer them to our guests. Every guest who comes to a tourist destination must be acquainted with the whole story and taste, try and experience our authentic stories, and thus the products. Especially when we talk about protected products that make us unique and different. If we do not respect ourselves, others will not respect us either. Also, the very essence of tourism is authenticity, which is why people travel to meet and experience new ways and cultures of living.But I wonder out loud, is that so on the field? Are we proud of our protected products?Why is Zadar not proud of its authentic Maraschino?Photo: MaraskaMaraschino is an original Zadar liqueur that has been produced according to a traditional recipe since the 16th century. The properties of this sweet liqueur are crystal clearness, characteristic taste and aromatic aroma. Maraschino is a liqueur that has multiple applications, and is used to enrich ice cream, fruit salads, cakes and various dishes with its taste, aroma and aroma, which gives it a multi-purpose application and the possibility of creativity in interpretation.”It must be the most beautiful sunset in the world!”Said Alfred Hitchcock drinking Maraschino on the Zadar waterfront. Also, Maraschino was enjoyed by Casanova, Napoleon, and they drank it on the legendary Titanic. Yes, the Titanic.I am currently in Zadar where I have given lectures on the importance of storytelling in tourism, and I wonder if there are better stories than about the unique and authentic Zadar Maraschino? However, our great tourist story and pride is unfortunately not a symbol of Zadar. Nowhere in Zadar did I see an inscription or a poster, and neither of the hosts offered it to me, nor did they tell that story, since I am still a tourist and a “foreigner” in Zadar. Maraschino should be the pride and joy of Zadar, it’s like coming to Slavonia and not trying shepherd’s pie, fish, kulen or brandy.Also, it is not available in all cafes, and it should be the opposite. Every cafe, restaurant, hotel, host in a family accommodation should have a Maraschino and know how to tell the story of the same. Every guest in Zadar should try, but also hear the story of Maraschino, and take home at least one bottle as a souvenir. So far no one has told me a story about Maraschin, nor offered it, and if I hadn’t known about Maraschin before I wouldn’t even know it existed. I don’t know exactly how hard it is to find it in cafes, but after a couple of failures, I still managed to find it in one of the Maraschino cafes in the Old Town. And yes, it really is a unique and special taste, a taste that I can only experience in Zadar.We have everything, and yet we still do not sell ourselves, our culture and way of life. Again, we want to be copies and enter the mass of a uniform global tourism industry, and we are unaware that our incredible diversity and authenticity is precisely our greatest tourism asset. We have a tie, a pen, a parachute, a Maraschino opet and yet no one knows anything about it. When I look at the new CNTB promotional stand, which is uniform and classic and which has nothing to do with the promotion of a tourist destination, I wonder who is crazy here?A story can only be alive if we are proud of it and if we tell it ourselves. Let’s be what we are – Dalmatians, Slavonians, Istrians, Međimurje, Zagorje… Croats. It must be our main tourist product.Related news:WHERE DID THE CROATIAN PRIDE DISAPPEAR?&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/p&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;</p>
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