AGC Vermont acts as clearing house for town reconstruction needs

first_imgThe Associated General Contractors of Vermont (AGC/VT) is partnering with the Regional Planning Commissions to connect the state’s cities and towns with contractors, materials and equipment for critical reconstruction projects in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene. AGC/VT is a statewide contractor association with more than 150 members representing road and highway contractors, bridge contractors, commercial builders and quarries, as well as engineers and architects. ‘All of these skills will be needed as we rebuild,’ said Cathy Voyer, Executive Vice President of AGC/VT. ‘While the State of Vermont has already mounted an impressive response, many of the towns that can usually call on state construction resources are now on their own to solicit bids and materials. We at AGC/VT decided to help by acting as a clearing house to connect towns and contractors quickly.’ Towns should contact AGC/VT by 802-223-2374 or cathy@agcvt.or(link sends e-mail) and notify them of their project needs. AGC/VT will then provide that information to their member contractors, and the contractors will respond directly to the towns. AGC/VT is also assisting contractors who may be looking for additional personnel. Any individuals who have construction skills and experience should e-mail their resume and information to AGC/VT at sends e-mail), and AGC will pass that along to companies who are hiring. Lt. Governor Phil Scott, who is also a former president of AGC/VT, was involved in some of the initial conversations to get the association involved. ‘As I’ve traveled the state in the last 10 days, some of the hardest-hit roads and bridges I’ve seen have been the town-owned back roads, not the major state highways,’ Scott said. ‘We have a very short time window to get a lot of work done before winter, and time is of the essence. With the State having to prioritize the major highways, I thought the towns needed help, and AGC is an ideal partner.’ In fact, AGC/VT has already made connections between towns and contractors. The Town of Duxbury was one of the first to benefit from AGC’s matchmaking services, for the reconstruction of a road in their town. According to Richard Chirland, Duxbury Selectboard member, ‘With just one phone call to AGC/VTâ ¦I’ve already received inquiries from 3 contractors. What a great idea for them to facilitate this process for us.  The response we received eliminated my having to make numerous telephone calls not knowing which contractors had this expertise’last_img

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