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Jinshan Duba App mobile phone shielding developers advertising boycott

One of the

mobile phone Duba selling point is the application of ad


technology news September 14th morning news, Dorman, touch technology such as 19 App developers and advertising agency said in a statement released today, Kingsoft Internet "mobile phone Duba" products to intercept all ads within APP applications, a direct threat to developers of basic rights, the challenges of mobile Internet basic business model, the change of mobile phone software duba.

this month, Kingsoft launched its mobile phone network security products, mobile phone Android Kingsoft version ". Interception of built-in advertising is one of the main selling point. However, after only a week, "mobile phone Duba" this function has aroused strong opposition from the App developers and advertising agencies. In the country, in the original charging application to join advertising to do free promotion is the main business model of many App developers and advertising agents. read more

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Dialogue and then talk about the closure of Taiwan left the lake

      two times to see the Internet platform to exit the table, but also read the N comrades wrote the message, but also want to N+1 the status of the development of the Internet, decided to write something for the first time. At the same time also want to make their own stand for more than 1 years of experience to say to you, if not, you throw a brick, I am indebted forever!

      we put aside the seal a past or character or to say his personal articles, read several articles and his old. One point of view, although not all agree, but at least 50% of the words are still good, but also worthy of us in the webmaster nets mixed every webmaster is worth thinking and accepting. For the closure of the station to leave (or silence), personally think that our Internet or Admin5 loss. People listen to others, lost all sealed units, we tantamount to lose one’s ears can hear different voices, what can be happy? read more

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2011 Jiangsu Internet Conference in Xuzhou successfully completed the curtain

Admin5 webmaster network September 27th news: on the afternoon of September 25th, in Jiangsu province in Jiangsu province in the spring of the Internet Conference held in the city of Xuzhou in the spring of Cloud Gate on 2011. The conference by the Admin5 webmaster network and Baidu Internet entrepreneurs Club Co hosted, phpwind, Peng guest network Co. The conference attracted local Xuzhou, Jiangsu and more than 400 owners, Internet business representatives, guests attended. The guests are stationmaster net founder Zhang Zhengjun (net graph king), Hua Jun software park founder Hua Jun, laggards forum Dong Qinfeng (net refused to swimming fish) and bsShareCEO Li Yanshu, Ali cloud cloud computing expert Lu Kun, Baidu, micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog alliance Sohu and other famous guests. The meeting, the guests have a wonderful speech and interaction with the audience at the station to ask questions, the final session of the two sessions of the table is also a wonderful exception. Webmaster network for the conference also conducted a live broadcast. read more

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SQL malicious code swept the world thousands of small sites affected

Beijing time on April 2nd morning news, called LizaMoon malicious code from SQL in March 29th is sweeping the globe. Although the major portals safe, but thousands of small sites have been affected. The hacker practices sophisticated, they inject code into the site, and then redirect the user to a fraudulent software sales site. Network security experts said the repair work will take some time.

first discovered the attack was the technology security company Websense. Earlier this week, researchers were first driven by malicious code to fraudulent websites. According to their assessment, the attack is the largest ever, hackers are running through the Internet behind the database server, the successful injection of malicious code. Websense called the attack "LizaMoon". Currently affected by the majority of small sites, there is no evidence that the mainstream companies or government websites were invaded. read more

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Wang Xiaoer and his neighbor Zhang bought a goose.

Zhang produced goose claims to all in one service, if the sick goose will be responsible in the end, or cure, or change the goose. But recently, Wang Xiaoer found that Zhang Daniu in Wang Xiaoer don’t notice or in the middle of the night when no whisper to Wang secretly pick up goose dung yard.

Wang Xiaoer wonder, Zhang: what are you doing? Is not after my Tracy? He got angry at the market questioned Zhang Daniel, Daniel Zhang said only to pick up the goose dung beyond dispute, to see the goose is not sick. read more

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[TechWeb] reported news October 6th, spring (spring health doctor) official public number WeChat officially released obituary, received a specific message confirmation: "Beijing Chunyu World Software Co. Ltd. (spring doctor) founder and CEO Mr. Zhang Rui, due to sudden myocardial infarction, died in Beijing on the evening of October 5, 2016, at the age of 44." To bring huge losses to the rain doctor, but also entrepreneurs, especially in the field of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs huge injustice. read more

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Website recommendation Runfaces fill Facebook blank video social networking sites

Runfaces slogan: around the interest to make new friends with video

on the user’s home page, there is a huge shot button

Runfaces wants to make users interact with each other according to the degree of interest correlation

        science and technology news, Beijing time on June 5th afternoon news, the world’s leading social network is no doubt that Facebook, 900 million users share daily life with text and pictures of the. But with Google+, MySpace and other sites, Facebook did not shoot the video and share in the first place. Two young people from Ukraine inspired by the creation of the video social networking site Runfaces. read more

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Why, is an old company

everyone has two ages. One is the actual age, it is determined by the date of birth; there is a psychological age, it is determined by the state of mind. So, we can often see some young people pretending to be mature, there are some very young and middle-aged. Speaking of the enterprise, there are two kinds, one is the new company’s old, refers to the Red Sea market new entrants; there is a young old company, always maintain the vitality of the wave of the Internet wave,. For example: zhaopin. read more

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User thinking is not as difficult as you think the key lies in how to use

in the Internet era, how to create a burst of products based on the user, is placed in front of every entrepreneur problem. I have seen a lot of products, are entirely based on their own preferences and developers to develop research. Finally after the advent of the thought he has considered comprehensive, fully prepared, condensed the developers a lot of effort, but the user does not buy it, according to the judgment of product, to speak the same language.

Zhou Hongyi shared a router that will do 360 cases, engineers after a study found that the original traditional router antenna is not required, the existing technology already can achieve zero antenna, and the signal is not affected. Then, they confidently developed an antenna are not even a router, the thought of such a surprise move, but did not expect a product launch, almost No one shows any interest in. Later learned that the user does not care about the technical principles behind the zero antenna, the user really care about, the more the antenna, the stronger the signal, the four antenna router is better than two antennas. Such an impression has been solidified at the cognitive level, not the so-called "innovation" can be solved. read more

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Discussion on the related knowledge of medical network marketing

in health promotion, engaged in editing, optimization, and design for copywriting, art design, bidding, planning, analysis of the data, think in the medical industry to get maximum benefit from the following points:

first: the promotion plan is for the hospital’s brand word, word of mouth, therapy, technology, equipment, doctors, hospital environment and hospital history, such as a comprehensive promotion.

(1) hospitals in the city’s network share (ie, the natural ranking of Baidu home page) to occupy a total of three seats; read more

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From farmers to pat the electricity supplier to achieve 20 million of life span

Beijing CBD to Ms. Chen after work quickly pack up and leave the office, with a mobile phone and colleagues yesterday at 19.9 yuan Gold Kiwi group panic buying home to a 1 year old daughter Niuniu taste fresh, because today we arrive open tasted, said domestic gold the tricotyledon completely than produced in New Zealand the poor, zhiduoweitian, completely changed their views on domestic fruit taste.

People like

and Ms. Chen changed a person, according to the golden Kiwi green supplier taste shadow pat micro shop data show that only in the test run without the promotion stage, participated in the 2 film cheap, trading volume reached 2729, estimated sales of more than 50 thousand Sichuan golden kiwi, a large number of word of mouth, let the green shadow taste sales improved several times, the monthly turnover exceeded 100 thousand, in the face of such data, the founder of Tao in the feeling of joy, pat entrepreneurial rhythm, far beyond his expectations. read more

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On social media marketing objectives

before starting a social media marketing campaign, you must define your goals clearly. In foreign countries, there are a number of social media marketing campaign is designed to remove some negative results from the search engine’s search results page. In this case, there are two different targets, one is the reputation management, two is to establish new links, these links may appear in the search results page search engine, thereby increasing the positive publicity related to the content of the enterprise and the brand. Social media marketing and other goals, including improving brand awareness, increase traffic, improve search engine rankings, improve sales of products or services, etc.. Correctly set goals, to maximize the value of social media marketing. read more

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Tmall stores are black home filled with what is shipped to me

IT home this afternoon, Tmall is a well-known electricity supplier flagship store is attacked, all home information is tampered with, after IT home Xiaobian found access to full screen have been tampered with "what do not give me the goods?", the scene effect can not bear to look.

from home display information, it seems like the seller in order to earn rate and the means to do this at present score of three red attacked shops presumably buyers and coordination problems, the ultimate buyer seller into the black sites, are home to change. read more

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Ma Yun entrepreneurs listen to economists will die half

I want to tell you a bad news, the economy will be getting worse, but also to tell you a good news, ten years after the success of the enterprise must be more than today, the rich must be more than today. I’m just a business earlier than everyone’s electricity supplier, a very ordinary business people. Many of my views, ideas may not be right. Over the past few years to me, or my colleagues, indeed, get a lot of honor should not belong to us, in fact, these honors belong to this era. read more

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with the rapid development of the Internet, the number of Chinese netizens has jumped from 08 in to 350 million. China has become a big country. The increase in the number of Internet users to stimulate a large number of people, specifically to stimulate a large number of Internet users. The old Chen Yizhou, Ma. Whether from B2B to SNS, the ultimate goal is to carry out around the profit. Talk about the most profitable or B2C. Some people say that B2C is now very difficult to do, Taobao’s low-cost products to B2C brought a lot of pressure, but Ma Yun’s real contribution to Taobao or guide customers online shopping. For a long time, it is mentioned that the first impression of online shopping is Taobao, perhaps now is the case. But Taobao’s customers are mostly low-end customers. read more

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The nuts also made Festival Ichiban shop a health nut

news September 12th, Ichiban shop in the "9.17 China nuts Health Day" on that day, the company announced that it will upgrade the nuts snacks based products, and released a product called "Daijiaren" products.

Ichiban shop responsible person: with the popularity of nuts healthy concept, dietary structure of national are continually changing. Now the key is to create innovative products and ideas to provide users willing to eat, while convenient for users to manage the health of nuts." read more

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Domain name parking means of cheating

  Google Adsense is currently the majority of the site’s revenue channels, some web site owners try to cheat in an extreme way to get revenue, but the powerful Google did not allow anyone to do so. Many site owners mistakenly click on the site’s advertising, accounts have been ruthless K out, the opportunity to defend are not, so that the site owners know, Google is sacred, inviolable. And don’t say Google, recently docked in the research domain, the domain name anti cheating means taking stops have do so powerful, can be seen when people do something what they think, try not to let you have a loophole. read more

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Meizu together SF double 11 explosive goods high-speed delivery

this year 11, Meizu performance is very brisk, the electricity supplier total turnover has exceeded 1 billion 100 million yuan, online sales break 1 million, compared with an increase of 11 last year, double 500%, and Tmall in the mobile phone category sales success among the third, become the first echelon. However, behind the high sales logistics, the pressure is very large, therefore, Meizu and SF together, a number of measures of high-speed express delivery, to make things worse, some buyers in a few hours after the order is received in the mail. read more

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More and more Goldman Sachs and Bain are investing in Korean cosmetics

invested these Korean brands have such characteristics – there are one or two kinds of products to get the fist, while benefiting from the growth of the Chinese market.

source: Vision China

(Goldman Sachs Group Inc Goldman Sachs Group and Bain Capital) (Bain Capital Private Equity) announced in July 18th, a majority stake in the joint acquisition of unlisted Korean beauty producer Carver Korea, to take this opportunity to welcome in the market from Chinese had a slice of a Korean cosmetics. read more

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C2C flames of War Pat net dig small sellers Taobao

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, state power grid from Taobao was informed by the seller, "just married" listed company of Jingdong, pat Network, will be held this month at the end of the upcoming launch of the new investment, may have taken the new deal cost reduction and flow of subsidies for sellers.

at present, organization of small and medium-sized businesses across the country at depth pat Network intensive discussions, and at the end of May the formal introduction of investment rules and open investment entrance, first settled merchants will participate in Jingdong 618 overall promotional activities. read more

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