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What is a unicorn! There are 40 companies that are starting to subvert the world


VC CB Insights data according to the data of 40 such "real" start-up companies, which are involved in space, robots, drones, energy, food, medical, digital health.

people are talking about the fact that many startups don’t have a physical impact on the world, and they lack "real" innovation. This concern has recently spread to the venture capital sector.

as Founders Fund venture capitalists Peter Thiel famous motto: "we want a car that can fly, get 140 characters." People often fantasy is intelligent robots, underwater city and flying cars and so on industrial innovation can change the world, but now we got Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of these products in the market. read more

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16388 audio and video network belong to your Grilled dish community

Our group of people born in 70s, sometimes with a "nostalgic" mood, hope to hear some students singing the songs. However, when we think of a song, often because the purchase in the video store but not to have to give up, that lost mood is really very sad. I love music psychology.

recently, a friend recommended to me a professional audio and video website: 16388 audio and video network. He said, "here, you can achieve almost all of their dreams of music". Holding the idea to try, I opened the site, the page style is also good, the product is also comprehensive, I think it should be a good site. Just search a few previously did not find the dish, I did not expect here almost all. The site immediately had a good impression, there is a sense of the public to find her. But when the search for "Alan Tam hits album" No. I can not help but disappointed, ready to give up when suddenly saw the grilled dish community. Seize the last glimmer of hope, I went in and fill in the content, in fact, did not report much hope. read more

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Lay the foundation for web marketing

network marketing is profitable, but it is only the most beautiful appearance of network marketing coat or jewelry, and the corporate website is the basis of network marketing, only to lay a good foundation, can put the network marketing this building decoration magnificent

!Whether it is to buy

keyword in the search engine, or on the network advertisement, its purpose is to guide enterprises to the user site from other sites, so the user login your site will do what, it all depends on whether the enterprise website can "stick" live users. The small and medium-sized enterprise website most put on the product introduction, company, manager, ask the information and how to stick to the user? And we are the results of the analysis is to make enterprise website, the website not only is introduced, but there should be more help content. To help users solve the problem, eliminate user concerns, access to the user’s point of view of the trust to the layout of the enterprise website content. For example, your company is a private hospital, so the site should have relevant content to tell the user what symptoms appear is what disease, how to treat the disease, and to give users want to things, let users trust your business, allowing users to dispel concerns, so as to change for your customers. In the medical web site, which referred to the website content management, online help, online customers, web site statistics and other indispensable functions. All this is to retain users, improve customer conversion rate. Otherwise, the purchase of key words, put online advertising is wasted effort, the user to your site, turned away, you can only empty sigh. read more

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September 26th news today, the Internet service provider SaaS + oral health Shanghai Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "leading health information") announced in August this year to complete the A+ round of tens of millions of RMB financing, the investor is Fosun Group, Fosun with Hao capital. Currently, the collar health information A round and A+ round of financing totaling about 70000000 yuan.

it is reported that this round of financing, lead the health information service will increase product innovation investment, focus on oral outpatient management system continued to force the implementation of ecological products, oral medical digital, mobile, intelligent, social, electricity supplier. The future will be the mouth of the industry as a starting point to explore a new model of medical + internet. read more

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A novice VS a new site promotion plan summary

I recently received a task, is to promote a new website for their enterprise. The following is based on the experience of the past two years to promote the website to write a promotion program, in the purpose of this is to give you a better communication and learning and learning experience to modify the program. Also hope the friends a lot, so I make promotion plan is Daniel

?Company name: Shenzhen

Nairuier Co. Ltd.

website address:

a, keyword selection and positioning

by Baidu index and Google keyword selection tool to select keywords valuable website as the target keywords, because the company is mainly engaged in the service for beauty, slimming, breast enhancement, through the preliminary analysis, the following related business words as target keywords: read more

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How to develop network marketing and how to analyze core competence

A review of the

2013, a large number of businesses from the traditional offline marketing mode to wake up, squeeze the Internet marketing awfully busy. Outlook 2014, the Internet will be a platform for corporate talent, all kinds of products, service providers competitive network market. So, as the protagonist of the network marketing, in the face of hundreds of millions of Internet competitors on the Internet, what do you want to do this is what we want to discuss today: how to analyze the core competitiveness. read more

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distinguished personal website owner:

you for your site promotion that? If yes, please continue to watch it.

annual New Year’s arrival is a good marketing opportunity, if the operation is successful, it will bring a new year to the enterprise good results.

we are a group of independent business owners, do we also want to use the 2010 this year to promote their website?. But how to promote it?

I have a 2010 year calendar calendar by personal website promotion plan, as long as the individual is the main site is worth a look. read more

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How to promote the construction of local community forum

although the integrated community forum now is not a few, but now the development of individual local forum was also very good, there are 19 Building community, as a representative of Wuhan local forum and so on, along with the social division of labor is more and more detailed, I think the local forum will exceed the growth of highly integrated forum, so do the local forum the operation is particularly important, as a local forum webmaster, more important is to attract and retain the traffic flow. read more

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Cheating software for micro shop backing transfer transactions can be fake

off WeChat’s popularity, micro shop, micro business has become increasingly hot, micro shop can often see a variety of huge trading volume and transaction records in the circle of friends, let some practitioners look really envious. However, micro business is really so hot it?

recently exposed a group of micro network operators use software to create false news cheating screenshots, after reading not surprising – "WeChat dialogue generator" and "Alipay" net transfer transfer screenshot builder screenshot software "GPS" virtual positioning software "and other fraud tools emerge in an endless stream. From the transaction dialogue to the transfer record, from the results show to the inspection report, all flicker information can be artificial". read more

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technology news January 26th evening news, an internal e-mail cross-border Ocean Terminal founder Ceng Bibo was exposed, determined to complete the B round of $100 million financing, he recalls once financing were repeatedly refused in the mail, the following is the full text of the message:

fellow dock brothers:

I got the most money in my life in September 10, 2009, 800 thousand yuan, in October 1st, I went to Changzhou to start the foreign terminal project, the name of the time is not called the foreign terminal, called radish open the door read more

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with e-commerce company gene and the logistics company, or with large platform to do the regional logistics service providers, may be a direction to solve the logistics bottleneck.

In eleven, double

large-scale promotion of twelve, the whole social logistics system in 2011 Taobao’s performance is much better than 2010. However, the performance of the entire e-commerce industry requirements, not "critical" is just a pass level.

those fast-growing B2C companies, including Taobao Mall (micro-blog) on the brand, the requirements for logistics services is much higher than the current social services can be provided. In this context, with the e-commerce company and gene logistics company, or with the regional logistics service platform to do, perhaps is to solve the logistics bottleneck in one direction, a new opportunity is the electronic commerce enterprise logistics service demand derivative. read more

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Old customers is a good guarantee Taobao store business

why are the high – profile Taobao store business getting better and better, in fact, because they have accumulated a large number of old customers. Because the old customer trust, so it is equivalent to the shop countless pitchman. They have a word, better than you do 10 times advertising. So how to convert the customer into the old customer?

1, the customer as a friend to chat. I believe that many Taobao owner would try, a customer to come to him, they can scarcely wait to sell products. In fact, this is very offensive to each other, so we will change. My approach is to chat with each other, to communicate with each other, by the way to teach him some of his skills, often to the end of the conversation, he will buy a few things. read more

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Two children age 2 trillion business magnates of maternal and child market melee

lead: comprehensive two children will be formally implemented from January 1, 2016. The major benefit like a shot in the arm to the already bustling market burning heat maternal electricity supplier.

two children will be fully implemented in January 1, 2016. The major benefit like a shot in the arm to the already bustling market burning heat maternal electricity supplier. The early layout of maternal and child market makers ready to,,, honey bud baby and other electricity providers are to strengthen maternal and child market layout wildly beating gongs and drums, a "milk" war jiqiangkaida. read more

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Miss hand chop Festival Double 11 Gome online mobile phone panic buying Raiders.

Heat warm

double 11 big promotion still, November 13th to 17, the United States online "double 11 price does not stop" Encore to benefit wonderful continue, we again, 3C digital electric / Hui 9.9 yuan, 6.9 yuan from the department store, buy two pay. Among them, the sale of 11 double big name mobile phone explosion cheap return, so that the double does not regret leaving the real!

HUAWEI glory 7 ice silver mobile 4G version of the official standard

double Encore 11 Gome online price of 1980 yuan straight down 419 yuan read more

Read More the world’s first provider of domain name search site

U.S. business information March 13, 2008 Luxemburg News –

is the world’s first Internet users can search for the best location of the domain name registration website OFINDO.COM has been on the line.

OFINDO uses an innovative panel system that enables users to choose from more than 1 thousand different global extensions (.Com,.De,,.Cn,.In,,.Asia, etc.).

uses the panel tool, the user clicks a mouse to find a specific domain name extension of the list of providers.

OFINDO also provides a multi option search tool, which can help people find a provider to provide multiple extensions (such as.Com +.Au +.Es +.Jp) domain name registration. read more

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2012 those away from our electricity supplier

in 2012 for the electricity supplier industry, it is an extraordinary year, constantly adding new business, e-commerce sites have also been left people’s vision, this paper inventory in 2012 who are or have disappeared in the sight of the electricity supplier.

(1) music cool day

cool days is an electronic commerce website of B2C joint venture founded by China search giant Baidu and Japanese electricity supplier giant Lotte, cool days officially launched in October 2010. Among them, Lotte holding 51%, Baidu holding 49%, this is the second time Baidu involved in the electricity supplier industry try year ah established, Baidu claimed to have "three years to beat Taobao, become the China largest personal online trading platform", but had to admit that today Baidu has ah, even as some second rate electricity supplier. Baidu eager to achieve a huge flow of liquidity, once again into the electricity supplier industry, the establishment of the music cool days, Baidu is also given a huge support, but the results ended in failure. Due to various reasons, music cool day mall in April 27, 2012 to stop the service, that is to say that the closure of Baidu’s electricity supplier dream shattered again. read more

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Taobao brush drill Taobao reputation system can go far

very early to write such an article, but no sense to. Just saw the "brush crown" topic. Did not expect to come so fast. The introduction of the credibility of the early Taobao shop, can be said to be in line with the fact that the Chinese e-commerce. But, at that time, or give a relatively pure, many of them are every little bit accumulate, if there is a drill, should be a very great. "Credibility" of the introduction, it can be said that Taobao brand gold content is an important indicator. Is also the embodiment of its value. But with the passage of time, due to the importance of credibility, a lot of people spend their minds on the brush credibility. Different forms of brush, some sites can be up to 220 yuan a diamond. Some time ago, a very talk to people on the Internet, he told me that he had a business for Taobao is the seller on behalf of the brush reputation, also made his website to me, Dacheng network, website be very professional. I think he’s doing a good job, because it seems to me that he is a man of business. read more

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Qihoo 360safe enabled the shortest domain name

Just a friend

group (internal Qihoo) said Qihoo to enable the shortest domain name   

but has not been announced, which quickly came up with a simple post

let everyone know, HOHO~~

don’t know how much the Qihoo mongey

China Shaanxi network          QQ:727238088

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How to effectively promote the rapid growth of local stations

A5 from the posted rate, the local station is still relatively recent popular types of Web sites, a number of standing up, how many stations to subsequent fall, only a few people harvest the joy of success, success is always not easily won promotion place station, no point method and combination of skills at all? Recently on the Wuhan news network a series of promotion practice, summed up the local station from the railway station to the three months of the three steps of quick profit, for your reference and share exchange station. read more

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The formation of expectations for social media marketing and brand support

in our advertising company, formed a kind of logic and way, we call it "brand support". It means that the number of relationships that an organization can build. In brand support, companies use all marketing tools to achieve a lasting relationship with the orientation of the user, and adjust the user in the daily life of multiple points. It defines a number of potential relationships between the targeted consumers that can be established by the enterprise, and adjusts the relationship and the value of the participation activities in a timely manner. It integrates all the digital forms, such as search, display, e-mail, marketing automation, CRM, tracking and reporting into a single synchronization platform. A well executed brand support strategy, in turn, creates expectations for the customer and wants the customer to be loyal. read more

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