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U.S. business information March 13, 2008 Luxemburg News –

is the world’s first Internet users can search for the best location of the domain name registration website OFINDO.COM has been on the line.

OFINDO uses an innovative panel system that enables users to choose from more than 1 thousand different global extensions (.Com,.De,,.Cn,.In,,.Asia, etc.).

uses the panel tool, the user clicks a mouse to find a specific domain name extension of the list of providers.

OFINDO also provides a multi option search tool, which can help people find a provider to provide multiple extensions (such as.Com +.Au +.Es +.Jp) domain name registration. read more

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2012 those away from our electricity supplier

in 2012 for the electricity supplier industry, it is an extraordinary year, constantly adding new business, e-commerce sites have also been left people’s vision, this paper inventory in 2012 who are or have disappeared in the sight of the electricity supplier.

(1) music cool day

cool days is an electronic commerce website of B2C joint venture founded by China search giant Baidu and Japanese electricity supplier giant Lotte, cool days officially launched in October 2010. Among them, Lotte holding 51%, Baidu holding 49%, this is the second time Baidu involved in the electricity supplier industry try year ah established, Baidu claimed to have "three years to beat Taobao, become the China largest personal online trading platform", but had to admit that today Baidu has ah, even as some second rate electricity supplier. Baidu eager to achieve a huge flow of liquidity, once again into the electricity supplier industry, the establishment of the music cool days, Baidu is also given a huge support, but the results ended in failure. Due to various reasons, music cool day mall in April 27, 2012 to stop the service, that is to say that the closure of Baidu’s electricity supplier dream shattered again. read more

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Taobao brush drill Taobao reputation system can go far

very early to write such an article, but no sense to. Just saw the "brush crown" topic. Did not expect to come so fast. The introduction of the credibility of the early Taobao shop, can be said to be in line with the fact that the Chinese e-commerce. But, at that time, or give a relatively pure, many of them are every little bit accumulate, if there is a drill, should be a very great. "Credibility" of the introduction, it can be said that Taobao brand gold content is an important indicator. Is also the embodiment of its value. But with the passage of time, due to the importance of credibility, a lot of people spend their minds on the brush credibility. Different forms of brush, some sites can be up to 220 yuan a diamond. Some time ago, a very talk to people on the Internet, he told me that he had a business for Taobao is the seller on behalf of the brush reputation, also made his website to me, Dacheng network, website be very professional. I think he’s doing a good job, because it seems to me that he is a man of business. read more

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Qihoo 360safe enabled the shortest domain name

Just a friend

group (internal Qihoo) said Qihoo to enable the shortest domain name   

but has not been announced, which quickly came up with a simple post

let everyone know, HOHO~~

don’t know how much the Qihoo mongey

China Shaanxi network          QQ:727238088

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How to effectively promote the rapid growth of local stations

A5 from the posted rate, the local station is still relatively recent popular types of Web sites, a number of standing up, how many stations to subsequent fall, only a few people harvest the joy of success, success is always not easily won promotion place station, no point method and combination of skills at all? Recently on the Wuhan news network a series of promotion practice, summed up the local station from the railway station to the three months of the three steps of quick profit, for your reference and share exchange station. read more

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The formation of expectations for social media marketing and brand support

in our advertising company, formed a kind of logic and way, we call it "brand support". It means that the number of relationships that an organization can build. In brand support, companies use all marketing tools to achieve a lasting relationship with the orientation of the user, and adjust the user in the daily life of multiple points. It defines a number of potential relationships between the targeted consumers that can be established by the enterprise, and adjusts the relationship and the value of the participation activities in a timely manner. It integrates all the digital forms, such as search, display, e-mail, marketing automation, CRM, tracking and reporting into a single synchronization platform. A well executed brand support strategy, in turn, creates expectations for the customer and wants the customer to be loyal. read more

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Zhang Hongchun a new approach to enterprise promotion

we can be seen everywhere PPC, SEO and the prevalence of overwhelming Adsense ads, and the recent fire up the Alibaba’s husband – Mom, why they can fire, on one hand they do well, more important is the strong demand for the enterprise website promotion and product promotion.

but the product of the enterprise, the service of the enterprise is not simply a few ads can express clearly. Business is very attentively to write their own products, in writing the company, in addition to writing these good articles posted on their website, in addition to serving in the limited space of media advertising, not too many places can be posted. We allow companies to build their own circle, is free to paste their own introduction, because you need to introduce your company in detail, introduce your services and products. has a reputation. For consumers, you can put forward pertinent comments here to allow enterprises to more objective understanding of their own, companies can also do some informal remarks on the appropriate control. read more

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Create a blog marketing marketing sword

to create a website marketing blog marketing


now, blog marketing has become an important means of website promotion, a large proportion of the site marketing. In the use of blog marketing, first of all we want to know what is a blog, a simple definition, blog, is the network diary. Blog this kind of network log is usually open, can be free to publish their own diary, but also can read other people’s network log. Therefore, the blog can be said to be a platform for sharing personal thoughts. The so-called blog marketing is through the blog site or blog forum to make communication between bloggers and visitors, the use of personal knowledge, resources, the dissemination of commodity information marketing activities. read more

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WeChat circle of friends like a magazine media

recently advertised brother slightly empty, many fans are amateur do micro-blog number @ New Chongqing recruitment about out of chat, in addition to the individual "appearance Association" fans have to see the true capacity ideas after meeting down outside (ha ha, here to "outsourcing" you feel shy, ugly is not my fault); more traditional business owners, business volume is not universal, every business, a restaurant, a baby small chain, fruit coffee chain, single store, a kindergarten, a specialty business, a clothing electricity supplier, K12 class education and training, for everyone free sharing of specific methods of operation of Internet marketing at the same time, from the traditional business predecessors learned too much, the extension of the thousands of years of business, keep out is not the same person — wisdom. read more

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To novice Webmaster online money you ready

do you make money? You from a chain of the Commissioner, the website editor, SEO, network marketing personnel, now website operation specialist, why wages or more than 2 thousand yuan? At the side of the people earn money, your heart is always anxious, the same person gap why so big?

novice webmaster, always feel the pressure to enter the IT industry, always in the mood why he did not go into the Internet a little earlier, always walk the road of others, playing other people play outdated games. What are the reasons I think more because of the following: read more

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Beckham network marketing who prevents users pay

When Beckham

chat recently and many circles of friends, will find a common problem: the site PR up, profit model since that I want a good, but in the end is to look for the end user fees. This is why now advertising station, why advertising alliance is popular, for end users to collect money, the whole flow of the webmaster can only be forced to start, then crazy hanging advertising, to charge the enterprise. So the network marketing, why can find user fees so difficult? Or through the form of the website how so difficult to let people pay? David Beckham in his company’s website, also deeply appreciate this point, so the reason for all of this read more

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Network marketing need to make good use of six psychological effects

marketing is actually inside, let the customer most willing to order.

since the hearts and minds, to know what customers want, called in.

but different products have different consumer groups, that is to say there are different points of pain, then their hearts inside the idea is not the same, can not summarize it?

, however, thousands of years of human life habits, or biological instinct, in fact, in the creation of a lot of common psychological characteristics (weaknesses).

so now to share some very practical psychological effect in the practical application of marketing. read more

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Use of the Mid Autumn Festival to rapidly improve the site traffic

Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the network is a hot mid autumn festival. The operator for any one of the Internet to web marketing or use rapid increase website traffic visibility of the Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival with this program, use the mid autumn festival website marketing example on too much, including what the moon cake and moon cake sales, group purchase, A5 above the host group purchase to send moon cake and so on, all with marketing the topics related with the Mid Autumn Festival will be, can be a fire, it can be said that marketing programs have become more and more important, either online or offline, and wants to help the sales and marketing programs to expand brand awareness. However, for some non sales website program for the website is a traffic problem, traffic related to the value of advertising, which also affects the income of the website, the main focus of this thesis is discussing how to use all kinds of marketing network and the Mid Autumn Festival, is how to aid the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival this traditional show the rapid increase site traffic. read more

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The content of the railway station and extended to racing together bridle to bridle

following a few days ago in the ADMIN5 published an article, I am willing to do a grassroots webmaster, the article, here for the novice webmaster, combined with their own experience, now talk about the content and promotion of new sites.

Enrich and promote

website content is also regarded as the webmaster and regular action sing the same old song, 100 play not tire of. I believe we all know, the content and the promotion, the two are complementary, in order to make the site racing together bridle to bridle to better develop. Nonsense not to say, here with the novice webmaster said my little experience: read more

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Reveal the secrets of my space surge, quickly reaching 4000+ daily

my space has changed a lot since my first article in August 3rd redefined my media.

is the first visit, these days are around 3000, today broke the 4000, and the amount of reading posts are about 400; secondly, the amount of points like the number of comments have been greatly improved, although there are a lot of praise is the second.

before someone said to do every day to read each article more than and 300, at least one year’s time, I actually believe.

but I do not believe, I started from the beginning of February, now August, updates are intermittent, wrote a total of 100 articles to visit, from the beginning of more than and 10 a day to about 3000 now, did not feel how hard ah. read more

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QQ website promotion method

is now a very strong competition to do QQ station, do a lot of people, including a lot of experts, I have summarized the following I do QQ station promotion. Here to introduce my website ( promotion methods. First of all, I use the dynamic easy to do. This program uses a lot of people, very powerful.

the first step: first regardless of the other, first of all, the site submitted to a search engine, whether it is not included in the collection, the first submission. If you find that 3 months is not included you go back to submit a. The entrance to the search engine we know it, do not know to Baidu! read more

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Positioning, promotion and operation of local real estate network

the various types of real estate network, news, trading, online code is Mubuxiajie out of order. From the PW created the real estate sector, around the emergence of a lot of new real estate network, how to do real estate network, how to do real estate network operation, a lot of people have been studying, so I will now start to talk about this kind of website to do


, a website, first understand the market

because the company is ready to online real estate network, gave us a month to do research, first to understand what the real estate website on the market, the real estate website how hard conditions and soft technology, through which they can be more than. This is our first consideration. read more

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How to use Baidu know to promote their website

is now a lot of keywords ranking is generally related to the things in front of Baidu, such as Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu dictionary, etc.. Because Baidu’s stuff so they ranked in front, then how to use Baidu know how to promote their own products, the following specific Baidu know how to use.

, said

this is very old-fashioned, I believe we all used. For example, someone would, in Baidu know question "how to learn" and then optimize after a few minutes, or yourself or ask the people they are familiar with, for a number of answers, finally adopted as the best answer. read more

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Talking about the promotion of Taobao QQ group

may be a lot of people to see this title will be dizzy, QQ group can also promote Taobao guest? Is it a mass of software with the overwhelming majority of advertising here I tell you, QQ group to promote Taobao customers is a skill. Can not blindly go. So today I would have to use the QQ group to promote the method of Taobao share to everyone.

first, let’s talk about their own QQ group to promote the establishment of Taobao. Specifically how to build QQ group, where I will no longer explain. I believe everyone will. Mainly talk about what type of QQ group, how to operate the QQ group. In fact, do QQ group promotion Taobao customers, I think we must do high commission products, such as weight loss, breast enhancement, acne. Because of this kind of products we will be able to earn a single to tens of dollars to one hundred yuan. This greatly increases the overall income. OK, I’ll take this type of weight loss group for example. read more

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technology news June 15th afternoon news recently, the public security organs "e rent treasure case group announced that the public security organs have been completed on the identity of the investor information audit and feedback results, not approved investors may submit the application for review from June 13, 2016 to July 13th.

announcement also pointed out that the previously unregistered investors can register information, the public security organs will be based on the registration of the audit and feedback. read more

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