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Do you really think that looking for an acre of rice is a pig on the air

began at the end of last year, steel mesh, an acre of land and other fast-growing "B2B class" business platform because have a huge trading volume brings precipitation funds on the imagination, gradually began to draw the attention of investors and entrepreneurs for this type of project.

This kind of

B2B common business platform is to solve the problem of information flow, but the traditional industry trade in a transaction completed at least 3 flow: information flow, capital flow, logistics, information flow when only solve problems, can be transformed into a transaction in every industry accounted for a very large difference. The flow of funds in particular is the lifeblood of traditional enterprise businesses, the account is also relatively large differences in the 80% Beijing senior restaurant ingredients procurement will be 1 months to account, in the downstream agricultural distribution very common credit account period and mature period of crop, the builders purchase early second settlement rather than. read more

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From sell to sell the brand stars how to prepare

news December 15th, billion state power network that last night, known as the red net electricity supplier pioneer group stars in its brand feast announced that the focus of the stars will be more days after incubation of IP brand to "sell the brand" instead of "sellers".

according to the star group CEO Liu Yang introduction, from the beginning of 2014, the stars and celebrities to cooperate, according to the characteristics of celebrities, to match the overseas supply chain. And the stars first took over the well-known commentators five sacred mountains scattered people shop, mainly works by celebrities and overseas supply chain, operations team cooperation, Liu Yang said the shop sales doubled several times. read more

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Pig CMS micro Hotel V2.0 heavy landing hotel marketing opens a new model

This double

11 buddies to hand in the record?? regardless of so much, small to declare one thing — we highly anticipated CMS V2.0 hotel to the micro pig today! (beta Xiaobian highlights its have been blind, now can’t wait to share the application of the hanging fried day and everyone.


micro Hotel V2.0 heavy landing, hotel marketing open a new model

pig CMS micro Hotel V2.0 what is


CMS micro Hotel V2.0, is designed for the hotel industry and the development of the industry. It can comprehensive service for hotel operators for mobile end hotel exhibition, online booking, check-out, payment, order management, hotel operations and management, to provide professional marketing for WeChat, the whole hotel industry solutions. read more

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Double 12 promotion to electricity supplier price war analysis that has bled

traffic increase less than double 11 half, discount promotions rare, alternative promotions emerge; consumers say it is difficult to mention enthusiasm

news (reporter Liu Xia Ling the) compared to the "double 11" yesterday, "double 12" promotional discount is not price war face electricity supplier, basically does not appear. Consumers did not appear enthusiastic situation. According to the data show that compared to the previous day, the main electricity supplier website double 12 traffic grew by only 78%, less than half of the double flow rate of increase of the day of 11. read more

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EBay does not concede to Taobao, betting on cross-border electricity again challenge

eBay in the history of the development of China’s electricity supplier to leave too much regret that the company is to adjust the new course. In November 18th, eBay announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement and Yitong million Mdt InfoTech Ltd, together to provide cross-border logistics services more efficient for eBay China businesses, which is well-known cross-border supply chain solutions provider. And this cooperation means that eBay will strive to build foreign trade B2C business. Lost a bureau in the China C2C electricity market, the U.S. electricity supplier giant hope to regain a bureau in the field of cross-border electricity supplier. read more

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Alibaba CEO said the U.S. market will be more mergers and acquisitions priority

Tencent Francisco (Yue Tong) Beijing on August 11th news, according to foreign media reports Alibaba CEO Wei Zhe in Hongkong today, Bloomberg News reporter in shad · (Rishaad Salamat); salamat said in an interview, the Alibaba will first consider the United States market, and plans to implement more mergers and acquisitions.

Alibaba is currently owned by billionaire George · part of the equity held by the Chinese e-commerce company in. Alibaba’s net profit rose 46% in the first quarter of this year due to a rebound in Chinese exports, which spurred more products to be traded on the site. Wei Zhe also said that Alibaba will acquire more U.S. companies, in order to expand its overseas business. read more

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Won the first prize of free music as mall business model innovation B2C award

recently, the first international business innovation award award (ECI Awards) – free in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Park held the "international business innovation forum and IKey awards ceremony, LETV mall from the global more than 500 entries won the first prize of" talent shows itself, free business model innovation B2C "award.

as the top event of the electricity supplier industry, the final deadline for closing IKey prize events, the number of cases reached more than 500 pieces, covering 7 categories and 27 sub categories, swept the corporate brand and well-known business platform, the electricity supplier, covering the whole industry chain. There are 5% cases from North America, 11% from South Korea, 18% from Taiwan, and 4% from Hongkong. read more

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Google Adsense will be paid in RMB

in July 4th, we interviewed Mr. Zhou Wenbiao, Google China’s online sales and Operations Manager at the Jianguo Hotel in Shanghai, on a detailed understanding of the current status and development plans of Google Adsense in china. Mr. Zhou Wenbiao said, Google began to accelerate the expansion of the local Adsense team from 2007, in the past year, the Adsense team increased from the initial 9 to 20 people, the number of Chinese owners joined Google Adsense also doubled, Google Adsense Chinese is the highest market share of similar products. In addition, Google has been in the development of China’s Adsense users are particularly suitable for new features, such as the protection of other people to prevent malicious clicks on the domain name protection function. read more

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Mobile electricity supplier dressing assistant Jingdong $10 million investment


technology today exclusively learned in the automotive electricity supplier BITAUTO shares heavily, Jingdong and a stake in the community before the mobile platform dressing assistant. Jingdong insiders have confirmed that the investment settled.

this is the B round of financing assistant to get dressed, the size of this round of financing more than ten million U.S. dollars, but Tencent technology temporarily unable to verify the specific financing scale. This round of financing in addition to Jingdong to participate in the investment, dressing assistant another investor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek group investment. read more

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e-commerce development in recent years is very fast, it should be said that this is a leap in the development of the Internet in china. So many businesses see the prospects for doing e-commerce. So a variety of online shopping network pull up. The other is not to say the 2010 group purchase market unpopular, less than a year’s time the more than 5 thousand group purchase network turned out. For example, known as the United States Mission network, handle network, 24 coupons, group treasure network and so on, of course, there are relatively large, such as the major portals have their own network. After a year later, a lot of buy network layoffs have emerged, a lot of small groups have closed down the network. Became a veritable zombie regiment. So why is this? I read some articles "bubble spread downstream navigation network group purchase market" and "small mass layoffs was traced to the winter group purchase on the A5 website today: sent to the pole posted small ads" can be said that now the road has been in operation group purchase difficult continuation. read more

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How e-commerce and enterprise ERP system integration

when information technology is being used as a production factor, a problem arises: is it effective?. In other words, enterprises do not make full use of their existing information technology and equipment, so that the output to achieve as high as possible, or at the same level of production, so that the least cost of information technology. This tells us that enterprises should not only make a new combination of production factors, but also make the most effective use of production factors. Today, many manufacturing enterprises in China are stepping up e-commerce and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, however, how can we make the two companies to be technically effective? read more

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Gome online integration Kuba investment into labor division

with the United States online Kuba integration curtain open, "illegal layoffs, to become the company’s Kuba" keywords. What happened in the United States online in the past few months? These problems can be avoided? Transformation for the POP platform (to attract third party merchants settled open platform) the future can find a slim chance of survival Kuba


cuts for secure profits this year

One of the

left for Chen Xiao’s legacy, Bowser’s fate has been lingering in the minds of the United States management problem. Tasteless gesture. read more

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Tmall shop score indicators change 3 delivery logistics merger


] July 30th news billion state power network, Tmall mall changed the "Tmall rule" in June 9th, the store ratings indicators in the delivery speed and the speed of logistics "cancel, increase" logistics services". Since July 29th, this rule change has taken effect.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Tmall stores in the past, standard for evaluation consists of four items: description, service attitude, delivery speed, the speed of logistics; rules after the change, the standard for evaluation has three items: description, service, logistics service. read more

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Following the May 25th

news, and music as sports "super" IP successfully launch eco-beer Groot (Gloryt), the network network on like a raging fire in the Champions League final, La Liga giants success realignment not only the success of fans stimulate the excitement, also let the sports network network IP anti heating up again.

last night, by holding up search music as sports football "hosted by the Spanish football night reception ushered in the La Liga union president Javier Tebas and the Spanish League delegation famous a pedestrian, to celebrate the Royal, La Liga giants Atletico successfully meet UEFA Champions League final. read more

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Beijing daily news (reporter Wei Yu) in F group and high friend after the merger, the industry generally believe that the group purchase industry will continue to integrate, and did not want to trade two degrees of mergers and acquisitions has been traced to temporarily stranded. According to informed sources, ranked the top ten rice network group purchase and handle network due to the valuation of mergers and acquisitions and equity allocation negotiations failed, however, the industry is concerned, handle network in Anhui province regional land collective team switched to glutinous rice nets, the industry believes that mergers and acquisitions or disguised incorporation. read more

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Shenzhen shop relaxed access conditions or will have electronic identity card

Nanfang Daily (reporter / Zhang Wei Intern / Liao Shaomin) "Shenzhen will strive to foster e-commerce market, broaden access conditions; the traditional market model will introduce the electronic commerce mode, the formation of new market format……" Yesterday, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and administration on the promotion of the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce market in Shenzhen, a number of opinions (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) and the company held a seminar to seek the recommendations of the parties. The "opinion" after revision, will be formally introduced in the first half of next year, will be the Shenzhen e-commerce market formally introduced from disorderly and orderly development, from business access, transaction security, the integrity of the market, consumer rights and other aspects to promote the benign development into the fast track. At the same time, the electronic commerce for the issuance of electronic name card, electronic license and domain name (or IP address) and filing system, improve the operation of the main electronic commerce identity identification; be online publicity to the main business of electronic commerce basic information and credit information, strengthen the security of online transactions. read more

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The United States online, can boil Wong Kwong Yu back to the day

[Abstract] this year, Gome has been in the state of error correction. At the end of last year, Gome online and finally off Kuba, ended two business platform wonderful history; the first half of this year to create O2M full channel retailer "; and recently in build 8.3 men’s day, increase the degree of concern. All the signs indicate that the United States, this is the real thing in business.

since Chen Xiao event, the United States in setting the basic state, how to ensure that the existing mechanism of channel maximum benefit is the focus of the work of the group of the United states. read more

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Seven tips for managing Taobao

according to my own experience and some of my friends in the actual combat, summed up the following seven tips: (if there is something wrong, please correct me)

1 if your shop is just opened, so we started from the familiar friends and classmates start to their propaganda, here to shop for example, now around the classmates and friends of Lining, Anta, PEAK shoes demand is large, and there is genuine, the price advantage of online, as long as quality assurance and thoughtful service (including customer service), they will buy it. We do a good job, they will help me publicity, I now also accumulated a number of customers, which is a good condition to open the market. read more

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Analysis do electricity supplier operators need to comply with four tips

many people feel like some e-commerce sites for feeling, increase the turnover rate compared with. However, there are some skills, combined with their own experience, and we exchange, in their own plant after planting, so that more rabbits hit.

first, do a good job site

First of all,

should do their own website, so that their website to allow consumers to trust. It takes a little hard work. First of all, their own site to have a more reliable security payment system, to ensure the absolute safety of consumers. Whether or not to build their own professional website construction company to do, to ensure that their web site enough hard". read more

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Alibaba O2O made Festival dream earlier

last year, the 3.8 life festival, power consumption

: great in strength and impetus

last year, Alibaba invited popular Korean star Lee Min Ho, crazy propaganda, everywhere 3.8 life festival advertising, the advertising is mainly concentrated in the "restaurant" KTV 62% off ", singing 3.8 yuan, 3.8 yuan tickets, and retail to continue cooperation" and "phone exclusive price" this several parts. The fourth part is "O2O", the fifth part is pushing mobile terminal entrance O2O, Alibaba’s important products of Tmall, Taobao, the acquisition of high moral map and soon across the board to participate in. read more

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