September 2017

Shijiazhuang Shanghai Dragon 3 days of the second combat experience sharing

blog only ten articles in time just on the line, then every day 2-5 added, because the binary love often write things so have some original. Occasionally encounter some essence articles also make proper reproduced, and the search of this article has been reprinted many times, if too much or forget it, after all, new or better stability to everything.

for the site outside the chain of binary always is the most recognized write soft try to increase the site outside the chain, and the speed is quick. If an article of good quality it is likely to be some of the big portal reproduced, such as: and, Zhongguancun, ifeng贵族宝贝, binary lucky to be reproduced several times, the weight of the site links are given which appear in the portal is very high. It is best to > read more

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At the beginning of 2011 on the development of network of Shanghai Dragon

in February 11, 2011 by the domestic market practitioners experts predict, according to the Shanghai dragon in Chinese market size in 2011 is expected to Chinese Shanghai Longfeng water will reach more than 100 million yuan and is expected to exceed 200 million yuan.


"28" rule, used in the search engine.

28 law: Shanghai dragon marketing strategy of the Red Sea

search engine optimization in the domestic industry, there has been controversy in the long tail theory is the "28 law" of a subversion, then, in the Shanghai dragon network marketing, we should focus on the main keywords in accordance with the "28 rule", is also in accordance with the "long tail" words for extended? First of all, we must admit that the long tail theory is applied to Shanghai dragon in the marketing strategy of keywords is very useful. Although a few core keywords or keywords can bring traffic may more than half of the site, but the search number however the sum of keywords very clear: the long tail keywords can also bring about a considerable amount of access to the site, and these long tail search keywords formed higher customer conversion rate, often much higher than keywords universal conversion. Great small market, but also occupy the market share of the objective…… This is the long tail of thought. read more

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Build your site structure optimization using three key words

three: the long tail keywords


how to make your site to win at the starting line, each optimization personnel are carefully studied, but in fact, from the most basic framework > Website

Use the

for us to optimize the staff, in the construction of every website at the beginning we all want our site load optimization competition to win at the starting line. So in the beginning of establishment, the structure of the site is an important thing for us so we have to consider the optimization. For a good website structure, it can not only to a very good role in promoting your ranking, also have very good effect on the rate of return on your investment to improve it. If your site has a structure optimization of the frame of keywords, then for your optimization will play a multiplier effect. We can distinguish the main keywords, keywords keywords and long tail keywords, the three have their own advantages, so this article will focus on the three key words on the optimization of how to construct your site, make your site to get higher rankings and click rate, to achieve the maximization of interest. read more

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How medical website optimization ranking in Shanghai current situation

‘s current medical website can say that almost all web design is similar, so it is easy to cause the user fatigue and patients with lower conversion rate. More importantly, even the website contents are copied to copy the title, serious ray assimilation, nothing new. The content is already in love Shanghai search engine database there are tens of thousands of times, such a natural repetitive content website cannot be search engine a love lock.

?The author

search engine algorithm update, many industry websites are subjected to different attack, especially in the medical website for more. A hospital site is love altitude hair, disappear from the search engine, but also has a lot of medical sites were not restored to trace. So to love Shanghai serious pressure on the medical website, the hospital should do their own love Shanghai ranked read more

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Talk about web design to avoid the search engine spider unfriendly place

  1, VIP landing site settings

has a lot of friends website, use website love jump function, in fact, the search engine spider climb to our site.

3, website jump

2, flash animation picture of the problem

production site, the pursuit of website beautiful, beautiful, good, a beautiful picture, see the customer, heart is very comfortable, leave a good impression. However, beautiful pictures, use a large number of flash animation picture, give people a visual impact, however, using too many flash pictures, the spider is not love. Flash, why is a spider is not love, in fact, this problem is very simple, we have not found the flash on our website, it is to generate a string of gibberish, and this string is garbled search engines can not identify, so when the spider crawling to the pile of garbage, spider the website will feel unsafe, not even feel the station news value information, so directly out of site, so the optimization do not included bad websites and flash is basically a certain relationship, I suggest not to use flash, we can use GIF format images to replace the flash dynamic picture to the client, if we must use the flash to complete the effect, so we can use, but not too much, a spider web site has no value information. read more

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The chain for the emperor of the era of how to build the most effective chain

10, the chain construction process should be gradual, the number of make every hair of the chain, do the number after tomorrow, and not a do too much the chain;

6. a lot of people do when the chain is confined to the home page, in fact, this is not appropriate, in addition to the home page of the chain will be the directory page and the article page reasonable construction;

5. in the body of the chain distribution of the anchor text must be natural, if multiple anchor text, try not to do a certain keyword; read more

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The 24 day the new strong performance analysis

in a week, all of the web site keywords are arranged to the home page (because the keywords are not fierce competition), only one love Shanghai index in the more than 100 row in the second page. But the wood and no new thing, love Shanghai dizzy with success,


then the station for the update from the pseudo original to the original, the chain number is maintained in every 10 or so, for those high weight forum to do some hyperlink and anchor text (method about forum link can refer to the wood in the A5 submission < who said the forum outside the chain is not good to do five strokes teach you fun forum >). But three days later, still continue to be included, a duck’s egg read more

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Some experience in website home page by K

3, if it is certainly not due to excessive optimization of Shanghai dragon > reason

b: Links problem. Hang out very front page of Links, see if there is love sea K station, found the right word to get rid of the other friend chain, if not timely affirmation of your station will be K off love Shanghai.

basically the above conditions are somewhat similar, summarizes several points:

1 just hang up website love Shanghai not included the home page, other pages normal included.

2, the old station for a period of time suddenly can not site to the home page, other pages included normal, but the direct input web site can be found at home. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er novice must know study keywords for five reasons

is not the purpose of Shanghai dragon, even if the rankings again good, the flow is high, no conversion rate is not, for example, Shanghai dragon is the word, many people search Shanghai dragon to see Shanghai dragon article, not in order to find the Shanghai dragon service, such words often have no conversion, so webmaster in search keywords that should consider whether the conversion rate of

5, find new opportunities for

article by Fuzhou Shanghai dragon www.fuzhou Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝, please indicate the source read more

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The 6 day Shanghai first sprocket operation large exposure

today my friend let me help you analyze a website, collected and the chain is not too much. Have a front page three mostly home page ranking keywords, in just six days to Shanghai first love. This is not love, more strange is Shanghai snapshot was not home path but a strange path, but the content and the front page as like as two peas. The Xi’an daily network as we analysis the site operating practices. The website ranking schedule as shown in the figure, the line on the website for fourteenth days, ranking is not very good but there have been a source of traffic. The line on the website for sixteenth days straight up the beloved keyword ranking first in Shanghai. read more

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