September 2017

The new station should not prevent excessive optimization into love Shanghai sandbox

So what is the new

first for the website not included not updated snapshot site right down to these problems by some methods to recover slowly, such as the website not included not updated snapshot can improve the quality of complaints as long as a lot of foreign love Shanghai snapshot, add some high quality the chain, or how to exchange some high quality friendship chain will be solved. Even if the site is in love with the sea K off, as long as you find the site is related cause of K, then put the problem solved well by the website optimization, love Shanghai nature will soon recover from. read more

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The three reason analysis to railway station a month without a snapshot


in the webmaster forums, often asked after also seen a lot of new online search engine is always thinking to crawl your site, always look forward to the site in the search engine query can be displayed in your site snapshot. However, the reality is always cruel, often holding the excitement and pray in the mood to query the site snapshot on his own, are often are no snapshot like results. A friend of the site is the same, from the line to line now for a month, only included the twenty pages, page blank is not included, naturally caused no snapshot. What is the reason that the occurrence of such a situation? Today, according to the analysis of the experience of site to a friend to share with you, for several reasons a new station on the line a month without a snapshot. read more

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New directions mage Optimization Website Optimization

Now the search engine with ?

first, we must understand the details of image optimization where

?1, the picture quality is

images in addition to the home page and column page "to enhance the display effect and the images, for Shanghai dragon Optimization Website Ranking to picture how the placement of

3, picture display. Many of my friends have encountered, it is to upload pictures, and display picture location is still "X", the picture can not show the normal reason except the speed and space reasons there may be permission picture path. We add a picture of the purpose is to improve the user experience, if the image cannot be displayed properly, it can backfire. Another detail website pictures in optimization is to ensure the normal picture display, when we will upload pictures after, we must pay attention to whether the normal monitoring picture display. read more

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second, the content of the construction strategy. A clear purpose, we have to do is website structure optimization design, etc. these factors need to improve before the line, then as a construction site optimization personnel quality content is to optimize the capability based work must also must have, as long as you understand and comprehend the meaning of the first point, in the construction of the article will be handy, every article we really want to pre release, the user needs to solve what? This article is combined with the company’s products or It is quite common for the selling point of their own characteristics and targeted exposition for the user? Some soft things that words do not understand the situation, there is no illustrate etc.. From the author of several questions in the pro may be difficult to find, all of our core construct must be considered for the user, summed up the value of the original is undoubtedly, the degree of scarcity, can solve certain aspects of the user demand. Simple, do these three simple questions for me with high quality and high value of the article is not difficult to create, as can do, do practical things, instead of being infected by the Internet impetuous air, this can only look at how to distinguish. read more

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How to make the site a month has ranked keywords

for a web site for the article is very important, this article determines the quality of the web site of the weight lifting time and trust, especially to eliminate the phenomenon of empty sites, many columns are not articles will be search engine evaluation. You talk of the update method is based on the pseudo original articles.

, a site location

station must first locate a good site, you can provide what kind of service, which can provide content to the user, because it is closely related with the keyword selection and layout, it is the website chat dedecms positioned dedecms CMS service, such as template under load, the design of the CMS template, and provide CMS tutorial and related news for users, so there is a clear idea can be a very good selection of keywords, and according to the demand of competitive keywords and one layout, the layout of the site keywords that directly affect the late keywords ranking. Keywords layout should be from top to bottom, from primary to secondary one to expand, first from the website of tiele, the website keywords summarized the whole content on the title, and the description is most important of the site and to provide users with services, the next step is the navigation key layout, this range is relatively large, it is a generalization of a site, relative to the website title range is relatively wide, the classification should be reasonable good keywords for each column, the next is the page keyword layout, should focus on the layout of the content in the home, some of the secondary distribution to a less conspicuous place or that is the inside pages (so is the layout of the column page), the last is the content of the layout, the layout of the content elements can be found in the following. This will be a very good website together, from here, not only in line with the Shanghai dragon and very consistent with the user’s browsing reading. Keywords general layout is divided into: layout, title layout, navigation layout, the layout of the home page. read more

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How to obtain high conversion rate by optimizing the long tail word

first, introduces the concept of the long tail word. Because a lot of industry websites have the professional terminology, the author here just to own understanding and grasp for the site of the long tail word and we briefly explain the long tail word is the needs of users to search after the expansion in the main or auxiliary keyword based on keywords. Obvious words or sentences, I personally understand for the optimization of long tail the word is so small because long competition optimization difficulty is low, ranking quickly, but also bring a lot of valuable and accurate traffic to your site. read more

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Must master the four website optimization details


we take 58 city as an example, we can see. For example, the demand is to rent a house. He was assigned to the Shenzhen citizens, then enter the information in Shenzhen, Shenzhen with respect to the rental of several large areas, then the big area and subdivided lots. This will give users a comfortable experience. Let him know you oh, now at the east gate of rental housing, if no suitable gate can also click in rental, choose other lots. This is the perfect solution to the user experience. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng data analysis skill four website traffic analysis

The most important point is the analysis of

is a very simple example: Keywords "Beijing Shanghai dragon" found on our website users to search, if only from the search habit is more in the industry to master learning experience, but does not rule out a small amount of potential customers will find our website, if the potential customer, probably can be divided into into two categories: one, Shanghai dragon know some knowledge of customers, he will show you the content of the website, whether you are professional, and then look at your service; two, the Shanghai based dragon less customers will understand your service for some more, you said may not very interested in technology. In addition, there are different keyword search into the site analysis, understand Shanghai Longfeng customers may choose the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" professional vocabulary search into our website, hoping to find the most professional and technical personnel or company, and do not understand Shanghai dragon friends may choose to "optimize the company" and "Shanghai dragon company" site optimization "and" love "love Shanghai Shanghai keywords ranking" snapshot ranking "and other words into the site. read more

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Guizhou enterprise website once Shanghai Longfeng optimization skills beyond the opponent


thought can not relax, go

and blog platform shops, using advanced command (for example: intitle intitle: key words: blog and inurl (in>): Path

then stood up on the user’s point of view. The content of the website is the soul of the website, as a webmaster for website content must be very good planning, of course, this content not only refers to the text content, the website refers to the core of all modules in home for example, the user may for the website news content, product module, customer case, message consultation module is concerned as a webmaster, but we must understand the important degree of the order of these modules, through reasonable integration, allowing users more clear. read more

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Analysis of website snapshot four factors

modify the title of the site will also cause the love Shanghai snapshot this problem, but also a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice often make mistakes. The site on the line just a few days, feel inappropriate site title began to change, if it is just a few days on the line is OK, if there is a period of time to modify will be a problem, it is possible to love Shanghai snapshot to the title, drawn up before the solution is not to do website. Of course, you can also modify modify, so one or two times, but to see how you changed. read more

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