September 2017

Why the four step of webmaster to optimize brand keywords

brand, every webmaster all know. Like to buy their own clothes, if it is a well-known brand of clothing, even if the price is a little expensive, but also very willing to buy. This is the strength of the brand, especially when shopping online, if appeared in the online brand clothing they know in reality, you will naturally have a sense of trust. But just a little love a little, to reach a deal is a very easy thing. Similarly, for example, the user in the search for certain brands of clothes, even found the price is slightly more expensive, but also does not affect the user’s desire to buy. So, the webmaster in the brand keywords, can be transformed on the website was more good, especially the sales site, use the brand power to improve the conversion rate is the most effective and most easily. read more

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The search engine how to crawl the web breadth first crawling strategy

1, a breadth first crawl strategy:

From the

we all know, most of the sites are in accordance with the tree to complete the distribution page, then the link structure of a tree in which the page is first crawl? Why should first crawl these pages? Breadth first crawling strategy is in accordance with the tree structure, the link to the first crawl, crawl links after the completion, then grab the next link. The following figure:

K the number of links to form a set of R links obtained by PageRank, the number of links contained in the S link, Q represents whether to participate in the transfer, represents the damping factor, then the weights link to obtain the formula: read more

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Website optimization techniques and procedures


4, the

2, development strategy

article also to have the law, try to update every day before the user access to the peak, think a day before the 9 a.m. update is the best, so that the search spider habits fixed grab.

first you have to figure out what your company is, to achieve what kind of a goal, only with a clear goal you can later plan, say your company is doing the car repair and maintenance, then your website title, keywords, description and the contents of the necessary station the main aspects of the automobile repair and maintenance, instead of car sales, car prices such as content. read more

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