Baiyun District into the most active areas of Guangzhou entrepreneurial innovation

has in every modern city some area is very suitable for entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial activity is relatively hot area in Guangzhou, a large city in this innovative venture, Baiyun District is a relatively active regional entrepreneurial activities.

7 31 July, Guangzhou City Cosmetics Industry Innovation Park in the green Huichuang international was founded,   the creative park will use "Internet plus" thinking fusion Baiyun District the pillar industry, bring new economic growth point for the development of Baiyun district. The establishment of Guangzhou cosmetics industry creative park, will introduce more enterprises settled in the international development of green sinks. read more

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Dalian Neusoft nformation nstitute was named as one of the typical universities

although the state is very supportive of entrepreneurship in Colleges and universities, but also provides a variety of preferential support policies, however, due to the different style of study, the major colleges and universities entrepreneurship will be different. Recently, the Ministry of Education released the 2016 national innovation and entrepreneurship typical list of colleges and universities, Dalian Neusoft Information Institute was successfully selected in, the national innovation and Entrepreneurship of the typical experience of the University of 2016". read more

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How to join the steamed bun

in fact, the more the small brands of food and beverage items are more profitable, the traditional daily brand snacks is even more so, such as life noodles, buns, dumplings and the like. Their food sweet dumplings, on the basis of inheriting the traditional process, according to the new concept of the modern green health, delicacy, bold innovation and practice, culminating in the production process and the unique flavor steamed to join the project. Diners crowd.

only innovation can have a larger market, the company responsible for the total people deeply understand this, therefore, in the traditional bun into their philosophy was fully retained the traditional irrigation thin skin, stuffing, dumpling soup filling the advantages, to solve the traditional irrigation dumplings taste greasy. The dough elasticity is insufficient, without defects of soft waxy chewy, has formed a set of perfect technology and strict production process, standardize management become a reality. read more

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Steamed steamed buns are not sure to make money

now, the breakfast market has always been a very hot market. Want to start a successful business franchisee, you can consider to enter the breakfast market. Steamed buns? Not only has a high popularity, but also steamed steamed buns project is still very reliable choice.

steamed buns when you can join, and after joining, you can get the full support of the headquarters, to bring people a good business opportunities. Steamed buns steamed to join the world good? The world buns make all consumers are able to eat delicious and healthy buns, this brand is own many years of buns, other brands baozi is incomparable. read more

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There are 3 domestic anti corruption website imitation ndia bribe

xinhuanet.com June 12 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Yang Xiaofei) recently, the media published the "India website" I bribe (ipaidabribe) "red flag" article, introduced the India anti-corruption website "I bribe" successful experience. As of today, there have been three clones to imitate the site, respectively, I bribe, I bribe you and I bribed". The three websites, immediately attracted many users in the above post, exposing himself to bribery insider, also cause a lot of these posts comments, increasingly popular. read more

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What is the most important thing need to do now

      people who have been working for a long time should know that there will be a point around the age of 28. Maybe you will choose your own business, you might choose a relatively good condition, will also work for a long time, or to a very quiet place, there are a lot of their time to do other things unrelated to the work!

      for me personally, I am between the first and the third. Want to start their own business ideas, looking for a part-time subsidy for living expenses! read more

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The world’s largest SkyDrive website was thrown off the network war America

U.S. government close the file sharing site Megaupload (Alexa ranked 72 in the world, the site is located in Hongkong), and founder of Kim Dotcom (Germany, Finland dual nationality) and three other senior in New Zealand international arrest, in violation of anti piracy law charges, the other two defendants at large. Megaupload has 150 million registered users and has been supported by many celebrities.

famous file sharing space Megaupload was forced to shut the station, or will lead to the Internet war. Megaupload is a majority of Internet users for having heard it many times to share the space, since its establishment in 2005, was the world’s thirteenth most popular website. Today, because of a large number of violations of copyright content and the FBI closed. read more

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Suning V not only to save the change to save

the day before yesterday, Suning launched V service purchase accident caused no small controversy, did not think this should be a very common thing, it arouses people from the media on the V purchase can save Suning store debate. In fact, the purchase of V set up to save Suning store hat is too large, the meaning of the V purchase is not to save, but change.

Suning launched V purchase service is not intended to save the store, but changed Suning store service system. The reason is very simple, just as its name implies, V purchase is to provide exclusive shopping guide services for VIP users, and this part of the user is only a few, Suning stores more ordinary users, do not need VIP shopping guide service. For example, I would like to buy an electric fan, a VIP shopping guide followed me, I think it is awkward, this is not a good service experience shopping. read more

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August 14th news, Taobao today announced its new policy for third party drainage platform. The new deal shows that Taobao (not involving Tmall) will be more severe for 800 fold and three bustling bargains platform to take measures. This means that the micro-blog rumors that Taobao will to kill off 800, nine pieces of similar post, and other non normal trading platform that external news.

had news that Taobao and Tmall will be banned similar fold 800, nine mail, and other non normal trading platform, Taobao will use all of this year’s harsh measures to punish businesses. read more

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The success of network strategy online promotion is the key

      to give a lot of friends in 07 years sigh: your goods carefully selected, the price reasonable, but not what is their popularity in the Taobao shop, spent much of the price offered is not what the independent store orders, although many sellers in the online shop before you accumulate a lot of consulting skills, understanding of the electronic commerce logistics, even resign do give full-time, but in the Taobao online success is so few, most of the network is still in the exploration and struggle read more

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The steps and methods of network promotion

is a new process with my promotion today, for everyone to talk about

, steps and methods of network promotion

said the first promotion, in my mind, the promotion is nothing more than that in the shortest possible time, do everything possible to disseminate information to other sites on the.

editor:   learning website optimization and promotion of professional website — Taking   www.xuanxue.com   , the content is very good, learning network marketing, website promotion friends must not miss. read more

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How to let Baidu know promotion more effective

Why do

hospital network promotion will not give up Baidu know this platform I will not say, if there is no effect I think we won’t head squeezed gathers here. It is also because of the use of Baidu know do promotion by more and more people, the invalid garbage content more and more, Baidu is not a fool, certainly do not want their products are so mess up, so he has taken some measures to prevent deliberate promotion. For example, we often find new registered ID question is not successful, answer with URL submission failed, just submit a question will find missing, many successful quiz results after two weeks all have no, like these are all to Baidu know punishment. read more

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Preliminary preparations for the construction and operation of portal websites

site to do for a long time, naturally will encounter an ideal, ambitious people who want to do the platform, almost all of the people can be excited at the beginning of a small. But with more exposure, almost didn’t feel what, this is the nature of the Internet industry, see the Zhuhai market, the recent years did not appear much rookie, none of the company decline press. This can be seen, this beach water is not so alive, we use this tone to do the opening, does not mean that we are not interested in the platform, did not consider. Just want to remind entrepreneurs who want to be on the Internet, you must consider clearly, ready to do, or that is a waste of money and waste of time, of course, is a waste of you, definitely not the Internet company. read more

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Tmall stores are black home filled with what is shipped to me

IT home this afternoon, Tmall is a well-known electricity supplier flagship store is attacked, all home information is tampered with, after IT home Xiaobian found access to full screen have been tampered with "what do not give me the goods?", the scene effect can not bear to look.

from home display information, it seems like the seller in order to earn rate and the means to do this at present score of three red attacked shops presumably buyers and coordination problems, the ultimate buyer seller into the black sites, are home to change. read more

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in March 27 to 29, the United States online and offline synchronization, together with GREE, Midea, Hisense and other big open hot "crowd pleasing grab air conditioning" big promotion, large one fixed frequency inverter air conditioner price 1899 yuan, 800 yuan straight down 1.5 horses; a fixed frequency air conditioner price 1599 yuan. At the same time, 2000 of the whole set of less than $100 back to cash coupons, single full reduction superimposed cash coupon double discount, so that air conditioning prices back to 6 years ago. It is interesting to note that GREE to join the United States and the United States and more than 1 thousand and 600 stores nationwide online impact 3 days to sell the world’s record of 500 thousand sets of air conditioning, the overall decline of up to 20%, and then lift the industry to buy air conditioning tide! read more

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Gome online integration Kuba investment into labor division

with the United States online Kuba integration curtain open, "illegal layoffs, to become the company’s Kuba" keywords. What happened in the United States online in the past few months? These problems can be avoided? Transformation for the POP platform (to attract third party merchants settled open platform) the future can find a slim chance of survival Kuba


cuts for secure profits this year

One of the

left for Chen Xiao’s legacy, Bowser’s fate has been lingering in the minds of the United States management problem. Tasteless gesture. read more

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Tmall shop score indicators change 3 delivery logistics merger


] July 30th news billion state power network, Tmall mall changed the "Tmall rule" in June 9th, the store ratings indicators in the delivery speed and the speed of logistics "cancel, increase" logistics services". Since July 29th, this rule change has taken effect.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Tmall stores in the past, standard for evaluation consists of four items: description, service attitude, delivery speed, the speed of logistics; rules after the change, the standard for evaluation has three items: description, service, logistics service. read more

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Rookie network average daily processing package has reached 57 million

Sina Technology News January 24th evening news, Alibaba announced as of last December’s quarterly earnings. Reported that its big data platform rookie network order processing capacity continues to improve, the average daily processing package has reached 57 million. During the last 11 years, rookie help businesses and logistics partners to deal with the 657 million parcels.

as a big data platform, rookie network shows the growth of geometric series. The rookie alliance intelligent warehouse distribution network as an example, the day the next day can provide services in more than 1000 counties. During the last 11 years, more than five shipments within the next 100 million days, becoming China’s largest open warehouse distribution network. read more

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The same is why jumei com private opposition so much

The privatization price

[Abstract] jumei.com is far lower than the issue price, investors are ready to denounce jumei.com.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 19th


(NYSE:JMEI), announced before received from CEO Chen ou, vice president of product Dai amamori, and Sequoia Capital Acquisition submitted per American depositary share (ADS) $7 for privatisation.

the price than jumei.com proposed privatization in February 16th before the closing price of $5.83 compared to a premium of about 20%. read more

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