New trends in foreign trade B2B B2C thinking to promote the operation of B2B

foreign trade B2B after years of development, due to the promotion of a single mode and the same mode of operation, the development of the new bottleneck. A lot of foreign trade enterprises in foreign trade promotion often complain of poor results, the effect of declining platform, search engine marketing and too professional, orders began to decline, the inquiry quality is not high, basically is the reason of these promotion platform. Of course, the network to promote the company itself has a certain factor, but the root cause is the impact of foreign trade enterprises in the mindset of thinking, there should be some breakthroughs in thinking. Intel believed that since the 08 years of foreign trade B2C mode of operation is to start raging like a storm, a new thinking angle of these B2B business promotion, the enterprise should do B2B marketing to marketing thinking B2C. read more

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Today (2007-1-5) domain deletion recommendation

domain name registration com 60 yuan / year China   Beijing CN channel; 50 yuan / year China new network channel / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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Do you really think that looking for an acre of rice is a pig on the air

began at the end of last year, steel mesh, an acre of land and other fast-growing "B2B class" business platform because have a huge trading volume brings precipitation funds on the imagination, gradually began to draw the attention of investors and entrepreneurs for this type of project.

This kind of

B2B common business platform is to solve the problem of information flow, but the traditional industry trade in a transaction completed at least 3 flow: information flow, capital flow, logistics, information flow when only solve problems, can be transformed into a transaction in every industry accounted for a very large difference. The flow of funds in particular is the lifeblood of traditional enterprise businesses, the account is also relatively large differences in the 80% Beijing senior restaurant ingredients procurement will be 1 months to account, in the downstream agricultural distribution very common credit account period and mature period of crop, the builders purchase early second settlement rather than. read more

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Won the first prize of free music as mall business model innovation B2C award

recently, the first international business innovation award award (ECI Awards) – free in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Park held the "international business innovation forum and IKey awards ceremony, LETV mall from the global more than 500 entries won the first prize of" talent shows itself, free business model innovation B2C "award.

as the top event of the electricity supplier industry, the final deadline for closing IKey prize events, the number of cases reached more than 500 pieces, covering 7 categories and 27 sub categories, swept the corporate brand and well-known business platform, the electricity supplier, covering the whole industry chain. There are 5% cases from North America, 11% from South Korea, 18% from Taiwan, and 4% from Hongkong. read more

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original title: the United States twelve questions: the analysis of the 30 countries of the United States Secret

"combination of battle category how to fight?" "traditional retailers how to do business?" "the manager will not mess tube Maori?" "how to make each subdivision unit to produce their own creativity and innovation?" the clerk will become the future development of the retail industry barriers?"……

July 9th, Beijing, summer, Eagle three Kokusai Hotel conference room while the open air, the temperature seems to be higher than the road. On the transformation of torture, carried out for more than 5 hours. One side of the challenge, the "Chinese entrepreneurs" magazine led by the "business Mulan", the future star, and entrepreneurs from all over the country. Share the experience and accept the challenge of the other side, is the wife of Wong Kwong Yu, President and President of Gome and other executives, Mr. Wang Junzhou. read more

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Double 120 & ten grassroots nouveau riche electric business website performance report


The rapid development of the Internet is

, influence and penetrate all aspects of people’s lives, e-commerce is gradually changing people’s shopping habits, double 11, double 12 Online Shopping Festival, constantly create and refresh a record of online shopping.

the nouveau riche and grassroots business have joined the feudal lords vying for the throne, online shopping feast. This year’s double 11, Ali achieved sales of up to 57 billion 100 million of the impressive results. Such a huge sales, accompanied by the explosive growth of the site traffic. In this case, the stability of the electricity supplier website, access speed and other performance directly affect people’s shopping experience, and ultimately affect the purchase order transactions. read more

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For 919 network network 800 thousand cans of beer after throwing strokes

Internet and electricity supplier industry is not the lack of festival activities, but music as such as the full set of ecological, full channel force, even star executives turns into ecological enterprises for 919 fans festival but does not see more. 919 soon, LETV to offer fans heavy surprise: from August 31st to September 19th, LETV founder led a dozen sub Jia Yueting music as ecological executives, for the fans to distribute continuously gift envelopes, preheated 919 fans pushed to the climax of the night. read more

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Red tiger on my experience is the premise to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

    network to make money, make money online, referred to as wangzhuan. "Wangzhuan": as the name implies, refers to the use of computer equipment, server through Internet (Internet) from the network profitable way to make money. Speaking of Wangzhuan, as A5’s webmaster, I don’t think anyone would not know who understand the book "earn 500 yuan", but also because of this book, many people began to contact me. But my Wangzhuan experience and most people are different, today to share with you. read more

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