Small investment can also be suitable for men Entrepreneurship

when it comes to men’s business, many people’s first impression is that they will choose a big career, invest huge sums of money, and then completely buried in the cause, thus creating a big fortune! In fact, men do not necessarily have to do big business, small investment is also suitable for them, the following Xiaobian recommend to you a few!

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Four buy site hold Jingdong thigh or pave the way for the sprint IPO

newspaper news (reporter Li Bin) yesterday, the reporter from the mall Jingdong (micro-blog) and group purchase website was informed that the tick, handle, Wowo, full group purchase website will reach an agreement with the Jingdong, to guarantee a profit and settled into the model of Jingdong became the first Jingdong in the group purchase, the independent third party group purchase group purchase website. This is the latest layout of the Jingdong open strategy in the field of buy.

handle network (micro-blog), vice president Niu Lihua said that if the docking work smoothly, the local network service products will appear in the recent Jingdong group channel. Niu Lihua also said that the future will be customized specifically for the Jingdong to handle network of local services and products, and the two sides will jointly build customer service service platform to protect the interests of consumers. read more

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Double 12 promotion to electricity supplier price war analysis that has bled

traffic increase less than double 11 half, discount promotions rare, alternative promotions emerge; consumers say it is difficult to mention enthusiasm

news (reporter Liu Xia Ling the) compared to the "double 11" yesterday, "double 12" promotional discount is not price war face electricity supplier, basically does not appear. Consumers did not appear enthusiastic situation. According to the data show that compared to the previous day, the main electricity supplier website double 12 traffic grew by only 78%, less than half of the double flow rate of increase of the day of 11. read more

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