90 after the new idea of 1 years of entrepreneurial play out of the crowd of 3 million stunned

business has now become a social topic, at the same time every year, there will be a lot of people, the success of the business at the same time, some of their success stories are widespread in life.

of 3 millionThe invention of

organs in the parents love amateur some invention, the influence of the family that is born 90 years Wang is bored. So, she will discuss with his father, a small business to do what is good, can not find a paper without destroying the artistic effect, but also easy to collect a good way to use. Father and daughter two people quickly into the invention. After repeated selection test, Wang finally found a special magnetic material to replace the traditional paper cutting materials. The use of such materials cut out the paper-cut art easily in the iron items on adsorption, paste, water and detergent spray can be easily stuck on the glass and other smooth objects in the back, and will not damage the paper-cut. Magnetic paper-cut has been solved, the traditional paper-cut fade easily of discoloration and inconvenient problem.


2007 in October, magnetic paper-cut patent Wang and father from nearly 3000 patents at home and abroad in the registration into the recommended talent shows itself,

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