What are the names of advertising companies

whether we venture to open a what kind of company, whether the service it provides is what kind of, if you want to make this company the late business booming, an appropriate name will be very important. However, many investors do not know how to name, the following, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the name of the advertising company, which will have a greater help for everyone’s business.

for the newly established company, and hope that their names have the characteristics of easy to read easy to attract the attention of customers, good name, have a significant impact on the future development of the company. For the newly opened advertising company, because it is advertising, and give the company the name, of course, pay attention to creativity and artistic conception.

name is the customer’s first impression of the company, if a common name, how can you choose to provide customers with your brand planning and design. So how do you name the advertising company? The following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce, the name of the advertising company!

1. comprehensive type: the so-called comprehensive type is the same, the general performance of the enterprise. Such as the name of the advertising company: × × service company to "your needs is our pursuit" as the ad.

2. implies: that is not directly described, with indirect cues. For example, Gillette blade: "give you a refreshing morning".

3. pun type: a phrase with a double meaning, both out products, but also has other meaning. As a watch shop "as the ad man of striking appearance, at first sight, deep love of lovers.

4. warning: use the word "cross" to warn consumers of unexpected surprises. There is a skin cream ad is: "after 20 years of age must be".

5. metaphor: a kind of sentiment as a metaphor for intimacy. Such as toothpaste ad: "two times a day, plus a date before".

6. type irony: the use of irony, cleverly out product characteristics are often more deeply impressive. Such as: toothbrush advertising words: "too stingy to pull out a hair typing ads:"; "Out of blows friendship grows".

7. Economy: emphasis on time or money economy. "The speed of the aircraft, the price of the truck". If you want to fly, of course, will choose this airline. "Double the effect, half the price", such a detergent will certainly be popular.

8. emotional type: in a relaxed and easy words, to the hearts of consumers talk. There is a coffee shop to "time to sit" ad, although only a faint, but touched many.

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