The importance of enterprise marketing higher than the product

have a good product will be able to achieve absolute success? In this era, these two points can not be equal, good marketing is more important than a good product, which is a lot of entrepreneurs tend to ignore the problem, in the Internet era, the importance of marketing is self-evident.

"Internet + era, many young people are rushing to take the ride, under the policy support, emerge in an endless stream entrepreneurial projects, the influx of capital, have given investors and entrepreneurs enthusiasm. On 2015 public entrepreneurs, already has a relatively mature business environment and facilities, in addition, the market space, dividend policy, Internet + + extension of the entrepreneurial opportunities, in 2015 will become the golden age of public entrepreneurship.

in the bustle of the Internet industry, entrepreneurs often discussed in the capital driven business model, product experience, innovation driven, these entrepreneurs often no ground for blame, but ignored the most critical part, know how to use the effect of public opinion how to seize the user attention, in order to understand how the product is more important than. Now, with the business of hot flashes by holding the same on the contrary, the exponential increase of the closures are selectively ignored public opinion. In big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent networking and other cutting-edge technology incentives, entrepreneurs are misleading about all day study business model, product technology, production and all kinds of new words, but ignore an entrepreneur should do things.

I am afraid, many people will feel this view is too deviant, in the conventional business world, entrepreneurs must like Jobs is a super product manager, like Bill Gates is the origin of CEO technology. But you just forgot the leader of a company to understand marketing, than in product and technology is more important.

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