Ten keys to success in business

prepared for learning, and strive to achieve good results, preparing for the business, and strive to obtain good business, entrepreneurs need to make adequate preparations, and in the process of preparation have ten tips can be one step closer to success.

ready to start scheme is a prospect of the future prospects of the project, careful exploration of reasonable thinking of the confirmation of all necessary resources required for the implementation of the project, and then seek the process needed to support the. It should be noted that not all business plans should include all of the three.

1. set up a technical personnel and management personnel, with comprehensive skills team; set up team members each is very capable, entrepreneurs, and flexible, coordinated and effective work, this is the winning team experience.

2. developed a profit model, not just an invention. "It’s not enough to say that the nature of your product or service is not enough, but also to clarify who, why, where, when, how these key issues. No matter how specific technical things, can replace the marketing plan clear, "this is the previous winner of the wise remark of an experienced person. "You are a technological invention, not a profit model," said the judge, in the absence of an idea.

3. get advice from people of all walks of life, whether they are classmates, teachers, competitors or family members.

4. analysis of customers: what are they looking for?

5. analysis of competitors: what do you have their strengths?

6. shows you have the ability to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage, for example, you can set up a market entry barriers, or have independent intellectual property rights, making the opponents unable to capture your city often remember tell review experts, who are your customers how they can benefit from you the product or service, "a previous review expert says.

7. write the text to be direct, to the point, remember that reviewers will carefully read the text submitted by you. "To spend enough time and energy to write your business plan and business plan for the full text summary, try my best, to very seriously," this is the experience of another previous winner.

We must seek truth from facts,

8. well make your business plan and schedule, to avoid the ambitious, not to the point.

9. recommendation

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