Let you marvel at the world’s 8 high tech restaurants

era of science and technology, food and beverage industry but also the integration of technology elements, and as a bright spot to attract customers, many restaurants to achieve greater profit trend, but also for different delicious diners a shocking experience. The whole network Xiaobian for you now is one of the 8 home inventory.


Eatsa is a new health food shop, protein rich quinoa is their main use of ingredients. In this restaurant, in addition to a meal to help customers use iPad employees, most of the staff are in the kitchen work, to make food or they will be delivered to the automated food compartment. Through the use of technology, re adjust the staff duties, and give up meat protein based on Eatsa can not only shorten the waiting time of a customer, they will also control food prices at $7 (about 44 yuan / bowl / bowl). San Francisco in the land, it is unheard of.


can do molecular cuisine restaurant now has been very much, but Chicago’s Alinea is still considered to be the most creative one, they combined for science and technology and stage effect and utilization of people as the acme of perfection. When dining here, you are not faced with steak and lobster, but edible helium balloons, there is mystery chocolate ball, or is composed of 86 different materials and cooking mutton. Alinea may sound like a mad scientist’s laboratory, but as a Michelin Samsung restaurant, it is absolutely the world’s top level.


And there is no paper menu

the London Asian style restaurant, guests can see the projection of the food information directly on the desktop, and use the tablet as simple as the operation control. In waiting for food during the electronic table can also play the chef to prepare food video, or provide the relevant information of the region. This projection system can be customized quickly according to the requirements, so that the restaurant can deal with a variety of special activities.


people for the airport food is not what good, but this is slowly changing. Newark International Airport is a good example of OTG. One of the strategies of the restaurant is to rely heavily on Technology: customers can use a counter or a custom iPad meal on the table or pay. OTG said, iPad is not to replace the waiter, but to ensure the accuracy of the order and bring higher efficiency. In the course of the meal, you can also use iPad scan your boarding pass, to view the flight information.

I create my taste of McDonald’s

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