How much to invest in rotating small pot

in the table China foreigners eating is a very do not pay attention to hygiene habits, all food on a plate with their own chopsticks, highly infectious. Now food safety is more and more attention, and is also more and more high, the traditional Hot pot regardless of how to do, how transparent kitchen, can not do the health and safety of the extreme, even if you cannot guarantee the safety of the bottom material, no matter how big or disinfection tableware, all with their own chopsticks together a pot of fish, or more than a few block in fishing only, cannot change the essence, and rotation of the small Hot pot can. So open a small pot of hot pot is still very profitable, then open a small pot of hot pot shop how much money?

rotating small pot investment funds to how much?

to medium-sized stores (about 80 square to calculate, because the rotating pot without too much store)

a, fitting

decoration for the mid-range decoration can be, ground, walls, ceiling, the budget is about 10 thousand yuan.

two, rotating hot pot equipment

equipment is divided into high profile low, with distribution as an example, a complete set of equipment with electromagnetic oven, bar chairs, small, on a budget of about 25 thousand (30 seats).

three: store facilities

air conditioning, bar, kitchen supplies, budget at around 13 thousand.

front restaurant appliances:

1, hot pot and tableware: about 10 thousand yuan

2, induction cooker: about 12 thousand yuan

3, other appliances: about 1 thousand yuan

total: 35 thousand yuan

four, kitchen equipment, other appliances:

1, four freezers, operation table, storage cabinets, stove, smoke, etc. about 20 thousand yuan


2, knives, pools, etc., about 5 thousand yuan

total: 25 thousand yuan

five, clothing costs, printing costs, advertising costs, about $20 thousand

six, reserve and other expenses, about 30 thousand yuan

Xiaobian introduced finished, I believe this should be open to choose a small pot shop how much money should be

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