Festival marketing should pay attention to what

Festival is the climax of the Chinese people’s consumption, because of this, and now many shops will be very focused on holiday marketing. In short, holiday marketing, is a very important content of many businesses. Let the holiday marketing to promote sales, enhance the profit goal, an important task is to design the business promotion theme and creative content, no creative promotional themes and activities without any attraction to customers.

focus on product mix. During the festival, the combination of goods to meet the target consumer’s buying habits. Large package of goods and large packaging with gifts is a good choice, because the majority of household consumption behavior during this period. At this point, for the promotion of new products, the market is also a good time. During the holidays, customers have relatively abundant time to absorb commodity information, listen to the introduction and recommendation of sales staff. The old products and short shelf life of goods through the holiday sales occasion to do some special offer and gifts. In short, in the product mix, it is appropriate to use the new with the old, highlighting the new strategy.

focus on two-way interaction. Simple "oneself" of course not attract their attention in the current consumer behavior is more rational, businesses must focus on creating experiential consumption atmosphere. In addition, the shaping of the holiday atmosphere is critical, the words of the shopping guide staff should be enthusiastic, standardized, and appropriate to carry out some fun, participatory and interactive promotional activities are relatively strong.

focus on vendor coordination. Festival marketing is not only the manufacturers that businesses must cooperate in all aspects, such as sources of supplies, personnel training, logistics distribution etc.. Before the festival should consider the location and presentation of goods and other issues, and in advance with the manufacturers to coordinate the distribution of goods and other issues.

focus on rhythm grasp. When the two festivals together, it is difficult to separate a single holiday promotion and promotion. The design of a common theme, such as the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival "to celebrate the festive season, sales promotion can be a family reunion" as the theme. At the same time, before the holiday preparations so as not to delay the daily sales, avoid care for this and lose that.

If you want to do

store holiday marketing, you need to make all kinds of related preparations, this will make the store during the holidays can really create a good development business is hot, and then create a higher return. So, in the face of the upcoming double eleven, the major shops do holiday marketing focus on the preparation of it?

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