Starbucks odor marketing

the smell of a shop, and now has a very big impact on the business of the store, such a view, probably can be recognized by numerous consumers. After all, when we are shopping, no one will want to have a lot of mess smells, for shopping is a kind of torture.


is outside the home and office of the "third life", where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, charming romantic flavor, quiet elegant environment and peaceful casual relationships, to experience Starbucks created culture. Visible, taste, fragrance has become a unique culture of Starbucks.

is known for its experiential marketing, Starbucks, which demands a harsh taste and aroma. In the Starbucks employees to work, no matter who it is, no matter what day, are not allowed to use perfume, because Starbucks, hung in the air is only pure coffee flavor, it is always better than the other fragrance.

perfume taste is good, but need to look at the use of the place. If it is in a restaurant, people smell perfume taste, I am afraid not happy. Just think, if Starbucks hair out every day is not the same fragrance, or mixed with the smell of perfume, who will be Starbucks as a home and the company’s third living space?

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