Out of the ordinary business process before Zheng Jia Home Furnishing Regal

business market is now life Home Furnishing blasting, industry emerged a lot of successful venture model, Regal Home Furnishing Zheng Jiaqian is one of them, different from ordinary business stories, Zheng Jiaqian’s pioneering readme to share with you.

if employees identify with company values, will be loyal to the enterprise. Regal factory employees more than ninety-five percent is absolutely stable, there are one hundred and eighteen people in the Regal nine or more years of seniority in more than and 130 existing employees.

do brand needs huge investment, is to put the money in his pocket, and took out the two venture investment, continue to develop. If you don’t want to challenge yourself, you will have a good time. On the contrary, it takes a lot of choices.

and regal to belong to the strategic cooperation, resources reorganization. This recombination, 1+1 greater than 2.

editor’s note: this interview is carried out in the gap of Zheng total return to Wuhan, can be described as the rush and soothing double concerto. Hurry because, just to the interview site, Zheng Zong received several phone calls, and that day he has other work in the body, the interview time is only more than an hour. But throughout the interview process, his tone is light, from time to time with laughter and encouraging eyes to resolve the reporter’s small tension.

modest he does not belong to the kind of people can speak, but always in the phrase, filling the elegant style. This is how a school successfully surf in the business, the author is full of curiosity.

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