Sales slump need to create a heap of goods to sell mountain atmosphere


said that every business operators want their own business can be popular, but any business will have a difference in the short season. Once the off-season, operators need to take a certain strategy, to be able to make the business really good development. As the saying goes, "buy the mountain". That is to create a business momentum to.

especially in the off-season, build a kind of management style is the foundation to make sales out of the store, Lidoumenkeluo bird, you put here a commodity, there lies a commodity, but also gives people a desolate feeling. And the customer shopping, there is a kind of lively psychology, you do not see some restaurants, although the customer is full, but some people would like to wait there, do not want to go to another.

so say, to the psychology of consumers to do the article, in order to get out of the sales slump. Because in their minds, the goods put on more than that means that the goods must be selling well, while placing the goods will also attract the attention of consumers, thereby increasing the probability of sales. Just arrived last summer, a new fruit juice has just entered the local market, in order to open up the situation as soon as possible, I was in the store on the facade of the small square on the one hand stacked five hundred boxes of juice, really like a hill.

these juices are positive to the customer, so that consumers at any time, and can be seen at any angle. And, in the stacking around, standing and wearing a sash lady, because although there is no scenes with vigour and vitality, bands, but many customers came to watch, some even chests moved home, the day sales up my sales for two months. I tasted the sweetness of the heap".

09 at the beginning of February, a biscuit into our area of the market, in order to quickly open in this situation, I and the demolition of the shelf area off the food, what do the shelves? Keep piling up goods. I put these boxes into the breakfast biscuits piled up around the low and high in the middle of the hill like food, this pile of goods accounted for the entire area of nearly half of non-staple food.

in order to create an atmosphere of sale, I deliberately in the "hill" around the barrel with a barrel around, what do you do? On the one hand is to prevent children into the inside to climb, to ensure safety, on the one hand in the bulk of the barrel filled with biscuits, these biscuits are not kept for sale, but to give customers a free taste. Due to the diversity of the breakfast cake taste, the price is relatively moderate, many customers are willing to buy after the taste of underground.


in many stores of non-staple food area will see "no taste", this management mode is not humane, only customers taste, they can have a purpose to buy, or buy a taste of food is not suitable for their own back, don’t waste? By way of "selling the heap mountain"

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