The daily management experience of a small boss

in fact, when the leadership is the most difficult, because how to retain talent is a very difficult thing. How to be a boss? I sometimes feel that the boss is kind of like the emperor to the country. If the emperor was very wise and Minister fatuous, people usually feel the hope that the country still, not qingjunce, a minister of sth. If the emperor was very stupid, old people often feel that the country did not hope, began pondering the rebel change dynasties.

1. small companies how to retain the backbone:

years of rising prices, rising costs, the company’s profits have not risen much. Each employee wants a big increase in wages, but it is estimated that more than 90% small companies can not do this. Sometimes I want to be the boss of the company when the door closed, holding their own stocks or real estate speculation, a clean map. Although in recent years due to each employee 5 Insurance 1 gold, cost per capita monthly increase hundreds of yuan, but the staff did not appreciate, employees only calculate how much money a month to hand, as for the expenditure and the company has not.

first development backbone staff shares: I will buy a send a shares of the company, half sales to key employees, within five years of retirement only refund the principal, five years more than three times I back to redeem. Every year 60% of the profits. Anyway, the money we earn, but once the shareholders do a sorry company, double punishment, deducted by the fund. This is it, in the past 5 years, none of the shareholders and the company turnover, key positions are shareholders, saved me a lot of energy.

why don’t give away the backbone of the staff shares? I don’t care about money, mainly white things that others don’t cherish, but also shares the money as a deposit, in case the shareholders to do anything, and employee shares the money in less than 5 years to recover the investment through dividends, not even to the


2. about authorization

remember when the company has just a dozen people, the company I am busiest, often at the same time two or three sales calls, but also to arrange delivery, checkout, purchase, every day to come first, go the last. Once my brother to the company, looked for a long time, said with emotion: "brother, how do I think you are in the company to feed everyone?". The results of four or five years the company has not developed much, has been more than a dozen individuals, and employees feel depressed, there is no room for development.

finally understand the decentralization will have to decentralization, even if employees can only do your 70%. Sometimes really anxious ah, it is clear that the customer can talk about the sales staff is so bad that it can not talk down, anxious to immediately rushed up, the tolerance had to endure, or how to improve their staff.

The development process of

company in 15 is a small ridge, 50 people is a ridge, 200 people is a ridge, management method is not improved, recommended

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