A shoe king road to success entrepreneurs need bold and crafty

in the Chinese territory, many successful people have a relatively high visibility, they succeed through their own efforts to complete the entrepreneurial life goal, at the same time, behind such a group of people with a lot of things are worth us to learn.

brand, advertising alone is not enough, must have their own marketing channels. Ding Zhizhong succeeded in advertising, immediately began to expand the national marketing network. He has made further concessions in the policy to encourage more dealers, distributors to join our marketing team.

a shoe king road to success in Fujian province Jinjiang city Chendai, 20 years ago is a remote small town by the sea. People here make a living by fishing and sea. In many living overseas nationals earn money after throwing money at home to do some manufacturing, but also to provide a large number of home business orders. The footwear industry is an industry in Jinjiang, the earliest emerged, Chendai naturally have sprung up a batch of shoes workshop.

1985, the farmer Chendai Ding Hemu participated in a shoe factory was founded in the village, not only won the factory experience, shoemaking technology, but also accumulated a certain amount of money. Farseeing Ding Hemu knows, to the shoe factory to do more prosperous, we must think of a way to open up the broad market. In 1987, Ding Hemu gave 10 thousand dollars to the son of the hands of Ding Zhizhong, and from the town to buy 600 pairs of shoes the better quality shoes to be handed over to his son, let him go to check this batch of shoes sold to Beijing. Ding Hemu is to let his son in Beijing to open up a sales market in Jinjiang shoes. This year, Ding Zhizhong was 17 years old, junior high school has not yet graduated.

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