Open a restaurant to know how to control costs

catering stores, to master a lot of skills, this is a cost control we need to pay attention, do not underestimate the cost control, reasonable control can make your food stores to reduce investment cost, but also better able to control risk. So, how to do a good job in food and beverage franchise cost control? Together we analyze.

us in real life is not difficult to find some problems in some food stores inside to eat, some dishes with accessories to fill dish ingredients, greatly reduced. Although this approach can be part of the cost of food and beverage stores, but the negative impact is enormous. In fact, the cost of food and beverage stores, first of all need a scientific and reasonable cost control concept. In the cost control of the food and beverage franchise, we should first realize the cost control by saving water and electricity and rationalization of the production process. For example, some of the floor of the restaurant franchise in business, when the first floor is saturated and then open the two floor, so that the opening time of the opening of the two floor to reduce electricity consumption, reduce the workload of the staff. In addition, a reasonable production process, the scientific distribution of employees, saving more labor costs. Remember, the cost control food stores should not harm the interests of customers, otherwise The loss outweighs the gain.

Cost management is the main raw material

for the food stores boss, in addition to think of a way to attract customers, also should grasp, in the cost control for expenditure, in order to make food and beverage stores into "

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