Tea health recommend several suitable for women to drink tea

Many women have

of beauty, cultivate the habit of drinking tea, capable of intestinal virus, is of great help to the beauty. Suitable for women to drink tea? This is a lot of people have questions, today to share with you for women to drink tea.

Pu’er Tea

recommended reason: the most awesome slimming tea

is recognized to belong to Pu’er tea, Pu’er Tea District Yunnan Dayezhong sundried green tea as raw material, after the fermentation processing of loose tea and pressed tea. On the physiological and pharmacological functions of Pu’er tea, Chinese ancient books and records are useful for the detoxification of Pu’er tea. In recent years, with the deepening of the research, the function of Pu’er tea has been further developed. Recent research found that Pu’er Tea has a cosmetic effect, thus known as the "beauty of the upstart". Pu’er Tea a maximal efficacy is to reduce lipid content, vasodilatation, to accelerate blood circulation, because of poor blood caused by dark skin spots and all kinds of annoying, can also be slimming firming.

tea tips: anti aging preferred raw Puer

The main component of anti-aging

Green Tea

recommended reason: antioxidant and whitening a lot

tea tips: menstrual women not drink Green Tea

menstruating women facing the loss of a large amount of blood. "

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