The last day to play 90 percent off characteristics of business fire

no matter what kind of products we buy, in fact all hope the store can be discounted, so you can enjoy more preferential ah, more satisfied with the price to buy the right products. Because of this, many people like to buy discounted goods, because the same quality can be a lot cheaper.

In fact,

discount is a disguised form of money to make a lot of businesses, merchandise hit 7, 20 percent off is very common, very rare on the 50 percent off. And today I want to say this is playing 90 percent off! Will you be curious? Let’s take a look at:

it is reported that there is a Ginza gentleman in Tokyo. Here is the first hit 90 percent off sales of the store, had a sensation in Tokyo. At that time, the sale of goods is "Japan GOOD".

they do this:

first set discount sales, the first hit 10 percent off days, second days 20 percent off, third days fourth days 30 percent off, fifth days sixth days 40 percent off, seventh days eighth days 50 percent off, Ninth days tenth days 60 percent off, eleventh days twelfth days 70 percent off days fourteenth days 80 percent off, thirteenth, the last two days call 90 percent off. It looks like the last two days of shopping is the best thing, right? Then we’ll look at it —

business forecast is: because it is surprising sales strategy, so the early public opinion will be very good results. Hold the mentality of adventure, customers will stampede in. Of course, the customer can choose freely during the shopping discount sales day, if you want to buy the cheapest price, then you go to buy it in the last two days on the line, but you want to buy something will not stay to the last two days.

the actual situation is: the first day to come to the guests are not many, if only to look at, and then go. To start a group of a group from the third day, fifth days 40 percent off when guests like flood began to panic buying, even after the guests were full, of course, not to play the 90 percent off, on all goods bought.

so, what a business? You think, customers are eager to buy their favorite products, will cause a chain reaction of buying. Businesses use unique ideas, their goods in the fight 5, 40 percent off have been sold out. "Hit 90 percent off" is a kind of psychological tactics only, how can businesses lose money?

although the discount has now become the major stores will be used in a way of operation, but also for the operation of many shops have a great help. However, have seen discount promotions, but it has not seen such a play 90 percent off magic strategy, we admire the wisdom of business at the same time, but also feel a powerful miracle of network marketing!

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