Taoyuan three brothers are outstanding entrepreneurial team

well-known, Taoyuan three brothers friendship to the people of the world moved, however, if it is how a combination, they can achieve business success? If you are walking in the venture, do you have such a combination of the team? And let Xiaobian to you slowly analysis!

literary rendering, Shu during the Three Kingdoms is one of the country’s most popular. But compared to Wei Shu and Wu Guo, can be said to rely on entrepreneurial team established a national special case, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei in the "Three Kingdoms" is marked by a strong personal signature. As an entrepreneurial team, Shu the team, whether success or failure?

can still have the significant disadvantage of Liu Bei, the most prominent manifestation is Liu Biao to Jingzhou, Liu Bei refused several times, in addition to moral reasons, and I’m afraid afraid to find fatal disaster concerns. But at the time of the specific environment, accept Jingzhou, is sure to ensure the future development of a better. In addition, although Liu Bei aiminruzi, but the impulse when Guan Yu miscues was killed, despite Liu Bei Zhu Geliang’s entreaties, insisted on crusade against the Soochow, led to defeat, hundreds of thousands of people killed in battle. As the supreme leader, lack of reason at the critical moment, Liu Bei is the biggest shortcoming of.

The shortcomings of the body

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