The two step to teach you to do a good job in the catering market positioning

know a little marketing knowledge of small partners know, no matter what the field of entrepreneurs at the beginning of their own businesses are about to enter the market to investigate, and then give their entrepreneurial products to a positioning. In order to ensure that your way is right at the beginning. Market positioning refers to competitors for existing products in the market place for consumers or users pay attention to certain characteristics, this kind of product attributes and core interests, strongly create the enterprise products out of the ordinary, impressive, distinctive personality or image, and through a specific market the marketing image quickly and accurately and vividly to the customers, customer impact of the overall feeling of the product.

In fact,

is simple, the market positioning is what you are in the market to provide products to meet the needs of these customer groups. So open a restaurant how to do a good job in the market positioning


1. find their potential competitive advantage

catering market this cake is great, but also a lot of cake cake, want to run their own restaurant, it is necessary to deeply recognize their potential competitive advantage. What is your competitive advantage, is your product in the market by number of customers, the products which can meet the needs of consumers, customers buy things you know what are the advantages of these, you can clearly know the potential competitive advantage.

2. formulate appropriate strategies

know the advantages of their products, and then to develop a series of plans. Here, investors can set up a good image to their restaurant, give customers good sensory perceptions, it needs to do some publicity, today’s society is the era of information explosion, can use the media to promote their own restaurant features and the customer can get the benefits to enhance their image.

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