Shenyang residents can apply for land tax levied on the grounds of the house

recently, Shenyang City real estate center proposed a new round of reform, so that the general public can through the issuing of commercial territory for the payment, convenient for more people, not only to improve the work efficiency, but also make the majority of the people of Shenyang feel the government considerate, so many people recognized.

it is understood that due to the Shenyang City real estate registration center of the new commercial housing registration of all housing by the address area, center, in order to facilitate the residents to apply for tax related business, to avoid rushing back and forth between the two places, the loan to buy commercial housing estate tax location adjusted by local branches directly under the window before the Real Estate Hotel, adjusted to the location of the housing tax window handle.

Shenyang City Local Taxation Bureau staff said, the deed tax levied in accordance with the district and county (city) responsible for the management of the real estate sector of real estate transactions, in the District, county (city) real estate market tax window for the principle, for example in Yuhong District loan to buy commercial housing, the future is only for the payment can be hung levy.

for the deed tax is one of the people need to do in the purchase of commercial housing after the incident, in order to win people’s approval, Shenyang city will handle the deed tax for the window began to disperse, so that people can handle the house according to the deed tax, more convenient public, help them save time.

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