Greedy fat Hardshell Crab pot characteristics collocation of new ideas to satisfy your taste buds

see the "pot", we first thought is that a kind of slowly boil Simmer food, usually three hours or so, reeky soup can pan, often make people unable to hide greeds, especially in winter and spring, the soup can help people to keep warm, and can make people have a good appetite. Greedy fat Hardshell Crab pot, characteristics of collocation of new ideas, to create unique and delicious.

sign Hardshell Crab pot

ingredients selected wild crab, crab meat with delicate, delicious crab. The meat is extremely rich, rich in protein and trace elements, with Qingrejiedu, bone marrow, Tim a reunion and promoting blood circulation and eliminating phlegm, nourishing effect on the body good. Chicken, rice cake, collocation lettuce, lotus root, potato, corn and other ingredients, carefully and fried. Taste delicious, taste fragrant glutinous.

hot pot


of temperature and humidity, prawns, sweet and salty to the kidney and spleen. Prawn pot, excellent selection of prawn, mixed with various accessories, with special cooking techniques, the fleshy prawn Q, taste tasty, taste is absolutely secret weapons.

Chan fat Hardshell Crab pot

Chan fat Hardshell Crab pot, the finest seafood ingredients, prawns, seafood and other dozens of fresh ingredients, the pot, heat insulation performance is strong, slow, so that the pot to keep food original, and uniform heating to preserve the nutrients, rich nutrition, delicious fragrance is very rich.

delicious forever, instantly enjoy delicious Royal, greedy fat Hardshell Crab pot, the sea’s gifts, endless delicious, improved greedy fat, with delicious, enduring


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