Bisexual men pick up abandoned economic poverty also did not forget to treat the child

abandoned a very frustrating thing, don’t favor was so cold? Have a cold place with warm, bisexual men pick up abandoned, even in poverty, is also trying to make money for the children to see a doctor, this is admirable, it is warm.

2016 in February 29th, China Beijing, 60 year old Henan workers fan Xifa was working in Sanya when the adoption of a bisexual abandoned, for more than three years since then, he has been to treat children run around here and there. The day before Fan Xifa took the children to Beijing for treatment, I hope that through surgery let children become a normal people continue to live.

2 28 PM, the Beijing morning news reporter went to the children’s hospital outpatient building. At this time, more than 3 years of age are doing indoor ultrasound surveillance. "We have come to Beijing for half a month, went to several hospitals, and finally determined only in the treatment of children’s hospital".

"this is probably the reason he abandoned. I have no children, he is my child." Fan Xifa said he was determined to raise the child, and then play two jobs a day. "I am also big, cannot take care of him for a lifetime, I just want to take advantage of their own there is breath, give the child enough money for medical treatment, after him like a normal life".


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