How to do a good job in the summer of tobacco sunscreen


has entered the winter, but in the past summer, many cigarette operators are sad, because there is no good sunscreen work, resulting in considerable economic losses. In fact, in the summer, weather is constantly changing, if the cigarette improperly stored, may lead to deterioration, resulting in unnecessary losses. How do the summer cigarette cigarette sunscreen moisture, ensure safety in summer? The author thinks that we should pay attention to the following three points.

first, pay attention to scientific display. In the daily operation, some retail customers in order to facilitate the display and sales of cigarettes, cigarette or restricted by the operating area, often will be placed in the counter near the door position, so it is easy for the direct irradiation of the sun caused the change of cigarette quality. In the display of cigarettes should avoid direct sunlight, as far as possible to put the cigarette cabinet in the shade, can also take advantage of the sun umbrella or other shelter to avoid light.

two, pay attention to the environment of cigarette storage. The summer rain gradually increased, the walls and ground moisture, easy to induce mildew. In the display of cigarettes, should avoid direct contact with the wall and ground, and the ground, wall to maintain a certain distance, often open the window ventilation, indoor humidity control.

three, first in first out. First in first out is the basic principle of inventory management. In the process of cigarette sales, the first storage of the first sale, after the sale of storage, to avoid the long duration of the cigarette, can reduce the risk of deterioration of cigarettes.

because of the fierce competition now, so, it can be said that any business is not good to do, managers need to be cautious. In a word, it is an important link in the cigarette sales to do a good job of sunscreen and moisture prevention. Retail customers in the daily sales of cigarettes should be carefully observed, draw lessons from the good experience, so that the safety of the inventory of cigarettes through the high temperature and rainy summer.

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