The province’s provincial health insurance information system upgrade smoothly

recently, the provincial medical birth insurance information core platform upgrade version three officially launched the successful completion of the work and operation of information system downtime from the planned 8 days to 5 days, at present, the system runs smoothly, the business can be handled properly.

it is reported that the system upgrade work from the start of the project, demand research, program development to project implementation, on-line operation lasted more than 4 months, in July 8th 18 according to the planned stop off the network, then the province insured huge data backup, data transfer and comparison, and the medical insurance system to carry out multiple business module the performance test. In July 11th 15, to carry out the trial operation in the province of Qinghai Red Cross Hospital and nine Kang Pharmaceutical Chain Co., South Street pharmacies, in July 14th 8, the new system in Xining city hospitals, clinics, pharmacies started, the timely completion of the switching system upgrade work.

provincial medical birth insurance information system upgrade successfully, marking the medical insurance information work in our province and a big step forward, not only to enrich and improve the medical insurance of public services, also handling system, mobile phone APP, social security self-service for the future development and construction of Internet, and realize the remote medical treatment and intelligent medical insurance audit docking system to lay a solid base.


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