Provincial Higher People’s court for the first time the use of digital court hearing commutation cas

10 19, the Provincial Higher People’s court through the court digital court and the Dongchuan prison digital court docking, remote hearing of the case of commutation cases from 3. This is the Provincial Higher People’s court for the first time through remote video commutation case. During the trial, the two digital courtroom video, audio transmission is clear, the screen with sound real-time intelligent switch, consistent with the effect of the local court, only an hour to complete the case hearing, the court sentenced. Judges, prosecutors, the penalty execution organs of the police to give full recognition of the effect of the trial.

the judge said, "the object of trial commutation and parole are criminals in prison, escorting prisoners to the prison area outside the trial, high risk, high cost, usually court judges have to enter the prison area in a court hearing, always spend a lot of time, coupled with the strict examination and approval and inspection procedures for prison that is time-consuming and laborious, using remote hearing is beneficial to improve the quality and efficiency of judgment."

appear in court prosecutors, combined with their annual attendance in the case of commutation and parole cases must be more than and 200 actual situation. They believe that the way to focus on the court hearing the court in the digital court cases, reducing the journey to the prison one by one to help improve efficiency."

in case the Dongchuan prison police said, "the application of prison digital court system, video and audio transmission smooth, can communicate with the judge and the prosecutor, to reduce the workload for us, really convenient."

digital court judges, legal supervision organs, the penalty enforcement authorities, the clerk in the litigation burden of demonstration, provide centralized control and other functions, to provide a variety of means to record the whole process of the complete and accurate records of the trial, and through the information system and the court has to realize seamless docking, provide a variety of display platform for direct broadcast the trial, trial process to achieve "hear, see, remember, complete with convenience, saving the cost of justice, this is the future of application of information technology to promote the court case.


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