Xinjiang Dragon Boat Festival tour train into Xining


to welcome the first group of tourists of Xinjiang high speed rail guide.  

the morning of June 23rd, 314 tourists from Xinjiang to Urumqi reluctant to part on return, we must bid farewell to the beautiful and lovely Xining, just a 3 day trip to let everyone feel enough, Mr. Wu to bid farewell to the tourist guide said: "I have a friend about the depth tour of Xining."

is just the end of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the streets of Xining Backpackers, major scenic spots crowds of tourists, the hotel in front of a car to the bus, the busy scene, tell every one of us: cool Xining ushered in the tourism boom. In 2015, with "Belt and Road Initiative, Qinghai Tibet railway, Tangfangudao resources of Qinghai, ushered in the great opportunity of tourism development, as the capital city of Xining, and the total number of total tourism revenue accounted for 70% of the province’s total share, will meet more opportunities. In the Kumbum Monastery, visited the ancient city, Qinghai Lake, Dan Junggar visited the Tibetan Culture Museum and the residence of Ma Bufang and the Chinese wolfberry health court, a visitor said, nearly 2000 kilometers from Qinghai to Xinjiang, we always feel too far, have never thought to come to Qinghai, high-speed railway, have the opportunity to come to Xining, feel Qinghai Lake too beautiful, beautiful decoration is very worthy of the tour of Kumbum Monastery! Responsible for the reception of visitors to the Qinghai Kang Hui International Travel Agency official told reporters that this year Qinghai tourism were significantly more than in previous years, especially to train more new high-speed rail, Qinghai Silk Road team + very popular.

reporter learned that the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau on the "China Silk Road Tourism Year" theme, to Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed rail as an opportunity to develop the high iron tourism, tourism products, and continue to strengthen along the Silk Road and the northwest city of cooperation and exchange. From the beginning of this year, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Urumqi non-stop, went to Lanzhou, Zhangye and other places to carry out propaganda to promote tourism along the high-speed, close exchanges and cooperation with the high-speed railway, along the Silk Road Tourism City, strengthen and expand the Xining summer tourism publicity and city image.

Xining City Tourism Bureau Director

Lei Guiying said in an interview with reporters, 2015 "beautiful China – Silk Road tourism theme launched, along the Silk Road countries and regions set off an upsurge of Silkroad culture tourism. "18 provinces The Belt and Road" delineation of Qinghai, including. Lanzhou Xinjiang high speed rail, opened up a new traffic environment for Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, the three first hand, Xining become connected in the mainland of China and the northwest, southwest and Central Asia regional transport hub, to open the new mode of travel There was no parallel in history. fast and slow traffic travel. Solidarity and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win is a magic weapon for winning the Xining tourism, but also along the consensus, deepen regional cooperation, resource sharing, mutual recommendation source, to build the Silk Road "- high" brand, synergy and whole advantage. At the same time, the use of information sharing, to create innovative, differentiated, diversified tourism products to attract more tourists. We are trying to form a big tourism work pattern, sector linkage,;

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