Xining City north of the city to invest 300 thousand new convenience Road

In order to facilitate the travel of the masses around

, north of the city area this year will make great efforts to the transformation of roads, among them, 300 thousand new projects investment convenient Road Hexi Road yuan of Beichuan to become the largest of the Qaidam Xiang Huimin project this year.

it is understood that in recent years, the north area of the roads for improving the construction, has been basically formed the north-south and east-west road network framework, the North-South Road Chaoyang (East and West) road, Bridge Street, Lake Avenue, the road has been completed; something along the road, Qilian road Menyuan Road, Tianjun Road, Qilian Road, due to the limited provisions, all large vehicles are banned, so most vehicles are concentrated in Menyuan road and Tianjun road. Especially the bridge road vehicles at Menyuan, pressure increasing, daily traffic reached more than 1 thousand vehicles, the peak period of work encountered, traffic congestion phenomenon is very serious, things to become the biggest bottleneck in the north area of traffic.

in order to ease the pressure of the East-West Road, from mid October, the north of the city decided to connect Beichuan Hexi Road to the small bridge road, will invest 300 thousand yuan to build a convenient road. The road from Beichuan road to the West Qaidam road lane, 85 meters long, 7 meters wide driveway, pavement for concrete pavement, the entire section will be supporting the rainwater system. After the completion of the road, can facilitate the surrounding more than 4 thousand residents travel, greatly ease the traffic pressure in this section.

according to the city planning department responsible person, construction convenient road north area in early 2002 will have a unified planning, to ensure the road construction, planning departments in the development of small developers have also been delineated in this section of the red line. Currently, the road construction has been in full swing, the project lasts about 35 days, is expected to end in mid November. (author: Fang Xu)

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