Rock climbing hiking skiing outdoor sports show a blowout state

spring outing climbing, climbing through the summer, autumn camping, hiking, skiing in winter ice. Thanks to the unique natural conditions and the majority of the people of the pursuit of higher health, outdoor sports in the province is showing the status of four seasons outdoor fire. Reporters learned from the Qinghai provincial mountaineering sports management center in February 7th, the province’s outdoor sports coverage has covered six cities in the province’s two cities, with a variety of hiking routes.
with "on the development of the sports industry to promote a number of opinions" issued by the national fitness sports consumption, rising to a national strategy, the outdoor sports development in our province has brought the best opportunity. Outdoor sports has become a new way of life for people to entertainment, leisure and improve the quality of life. In recent years, outdoor sports in our province quietly rise, showing a good momentum of development. According to statistics, the province outside the Sporting Club Hotel has reached more than and 70, although late, but the development speed is very fast, very high starting point, organized a climbing and hiking, rock climbing, skiing, biking, camping and other activities throughout the year, all kinds of outdoor sports is more than 4000 times, with the province’s 300 thousand people involved.


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