Xining City Finance Bureau and strive to become bigger and better financial cake

recently, the reporter held from Xining Municipal Bureau of finance to carry out an in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development mobilization meeting was informed that the Municipal Bureau of finance, Scientific Outlook on Development will implement the requirements of the financial aspects of the work, and strive to make financial "cake" has a new breakthrough.

To promote the scientific development of around

, the Municipal Finance Bureau will actively and steadily push forward the innovation of financial system, efforts to solve the problem of lack of institution and institutional barriers, gradually formed to protect and promote the scientific system of financial management. At the same time, in order to adhere to scientific development, enhance the comprehensive financial strength, enhance the ability of financial support for the practice of carrier, bigger and better to improve people’s livelihood financial cake". The Bureau will focus on accelerating the process of equalization of basic public services, improve the financial support of county economic development and the minimum financial guarantee mechanism; focus on rural reform tasks, to further improve the financial support for construction of new rural policy measures to improve financial support steady growth mechanism; focus on changing the mode of economic development, improve the financial support of technological innovation and energy-saving technological transformation, elimination of backward production capacity and investment award and promote the development of the third industry compensation mechanism; focus on improving people’s livelihood, improve financial support for education, agricultural and pastoral areas of poor households dangerous house renovation, village health room construction and culture, sports and tourism development mechanism of investment and management measures to promote the comprehensive development of education, culture and health business and tourism industry, scientific reconstruction reasonably.


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