4 days of zero to 6 days and nights at twelve Qingming holiday mini bus toll free

in April 4th to zero the night of 6 April twelve, the Provincial Executive Council on 7 or less (including 7) of small passenger car toll free, open the road to the vehicle through the Toll Station Lane time, the vehicle left the highway to the toll lane exit time.

reporter yesterday from the Provincial Bureau executives understand that network sections respectively in April 3rd and April 6th at 22 o’clock 22 o’clock two hours pass providing paper coupons, in the meantime, the vehicle shall be "entrance fee collar coupons, coupon holders, coupons, coupons to pass export contributions" station test coupons in the export charges, if not into or beyond the free time. According to the information of normal toll pass ticket; if belong to the free time, free release. Senior executives will study new situations that may arise to avoid congestion.

executives to remind the Secretary to take the staff, when the toll station in accordance with the signs of diversion signs, driving the corresponding lanes, and listen to the guidance of the staff, convenient, fast, safe through the toll station. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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