Daily gas supply reached 10 million 700 thousand cubic meters of gas in the north of the gas field t

November 8th, the North gas field gas volume reached 10 million 700 thousand cubic meters, a smooth entry into the winter peak period". So far, Sebei gas field by Duocuobingju to ensure supply, obtained the composition and flow rate of the "double insurance", firmly grasp the initiative for the winter.

rely on management to increase the gas. Sebei gas field leading cadres adhere to the "walking style" management, the top command, to implement the responsibility; the gas recovery operation area task decomposition, the implementation of the "eight anti" measures; staff positions for the pipeline wear winter clothes ", wear vest as well, to ensure each equipment intact, each set of normal production and process every wells to play the greatest potential.

to equipment management to gas. Before winter, Sebei gas field of the yard, key equipment maintenance, eliminating the security risks of key equipment, equipment intact rate remained above 98%; combined with the problem of weak link and operation over the winter equipment prone, for all wells to conduct a comprehensive patrol for gas pipeline process tree, ground and wellhead equipment to conduct a comprehensive survey, escort for the winter.

to optimization control to gas. In order to ensure that the winter se Ning Lan winter peak gas supply pipeline daily task, since the Sebei gas field in winter and continuously optimizing the process, eliminating the "peak" bottleneck, realize the Sebei No.1 and No. two in Tainan and three major gas fields of high and low voltage distribution, maximize the production capacity of gas well.

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