North of the city to carry out smile service sincere for the people as the theme of smile service m

to conscientiously implement the provincial twelfth Party Congress spirit, and constantly improve the quality and level of the window units to further improve services, to create a national civilized city activities appeal, influence and coverage, the north area of the window units to carry out the organization to service with a smile, sincere for the people "as the theme of" smile service month "theme practice. One is through seminars and other forms to promote the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, thoroughly implement the "smile service" concept, improve the quality and level of each window unit service dedication, solid work, to "first-class level, first-class standard, first-class style" serving the people, serving the city. Two is to vigorously promote the "smile service", set up the window unit smile ambassador image. During the event, the use of the network platform, the propaganda bar to produce a variety of forms of service and other forms of propaganda to increase publicity efforts. At the same time, the organization and the people from all walks of life, "smiling angel" volunteers in the various public places to carry out promotional activities to create a civilized city, to promote norms of civilized behavior of migrant workers, creating a strong atmosphere of the region to carry out the activities of "smile". The three is to advocate begin from me, from now on, standard smile service, so that every window staff units have become enthusiastic service for the masses of "smiling angel", in the work of engineering and strive to "stand for you, laugh, ask, do, fast hands, eyes as not polite." continuously improve the quality of civilization and the quality of service.


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